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Monday, February 26, 2024
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“Blow Biden in Debates”: Can Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson Become President of the United States?

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 21:31:04

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson has decided to run for president.


As reported by the world media on Sunday, May 21, referring to Hill’s publication, the committee for the nomination of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson for the US presidency has, in fact, launched the election campaign. Also, from the statement that “Tucker will crush Biden” during the debate

I discussed this topic with a well-known journalist and public figure Vitaly Korotich.

… – Vitaly Alekseevich, do you know Tucker Carlson well?

– Whom? Carlson? No, I don’t know this commenter, this is a new commenter.

– He was proposed to be nominated for the presidency of the United States. And his ads already say that he can “debate Biden.” Here’s a new story…

– As for Carlson, everyone knows him, everyone loves him, but he must present his arguments for public office, especially the presidential one.

– What are the arguments?

– The first and most important is a lot of money. So – several well-known politicians must give their guarantees – without this – nothing. And then, if he really wants to become a candidate, he needs to show his authority among the politicians so that several senators and congressmen will support him… I’m not sure that, as a real candidate, Carlson will win against the professional statesmen.

– And why is that?

– After all, it is one thing to “produce hot air” (as the activity of talkative candidates for positions is called in the USA. – AG) And another thing is to occupy these positions, work, and then report on his actual actions.

Actor Reagan was the governor of California before the presidency, led the union, and only then went on the campaign trail, with a team of candidates for all major posts. And who will be the secretary of state for television commentator Carlson? And the Minister of Defense? And – the ambassador to Russia or China?

It’s good that he becomes “a stick that moves an anthill”, but I’m afraid that will be his role for now.

– Yes I understand. Have you already discussed this topic with your friends, with colleagues from the US?

– No, I haven’t discussed it yet.

– How can they react?

– I’ll tell you. They can take it well. Because Carlson is a person that everyone knows, that everyone loves. In general, I will deviate just for a second, a very complicated thing is national psychology. For Americans, he is very different from ours.

First, they live in a country that has never been hit by a foreign bomb in history. Never never. So, there were only conversations. Second, they live in a country where everything is theirs.

They only watch Hollywood movies. I, living in New York for years, was looking for some kind of cinema where you could see European films. No, there are no such cinemas. Maybe some college clubs will show up, otherwise everyone watches Hollywood, and that’s it.

They dress in their own. They eat theirs. Hockey, basketball. You see, the commentator is also one of his. In that sense, everything is in order, your boyfriend, he is on the table, on TV, for each person, he talks all day. But when it comes to whether he can lead the state, other discussions are already beginning. Well, let’s see if there are sponsors…

– They write that the Carlson Committee is financed by one of the sponsors of the Republican Party, and they submitted an application to the electoral commission at the end of April.

– And then – anyway, the president does not direct himself, but, on the contrary, they direct the president. It all depends on his team. If he has a good team, even if he is a dancer, she will ascend to the throne wonderfully, while she has different ones, like Reagan, Kissinger, etc. They will help guide you. We’ll see. That is, if he is chosen…

– Understood. Thank you!

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