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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Boris Galkin: “The source of my joy and my life is my daughter”

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 04:38:08

Boris Galkin walked the carpet with radio and television presenter Eleonora Filina. Photo: Provided by the organizers of the 11th Transbaikal International Film Festival.

We saw Boris Galkin at the opening of the 11th Trans-Baikal International Film Festival in Chita. On this occasion, a carpet was laid near the Trans-Baikal Regional Philharmonic, along which many famous guests paraded. And after the opening ceremony there was a light buffet. There we met the cheerful Boris Galkin. In a conversation with KP.RU, Boris Sergeevich said that now his main joy is his daughter Anna, this year the girl will go to the first grade. Let us remember that Anya was born in her fourth marriage to the singer Inna Razumikhina, 26 years younger than the artist. It’s no secret that the new family helped the actor survive the loss of his adopted son Vladislav Galkin (son of Galkin’s third wife, Elena Demidova, died in 2017); the famous actor died in 2010. Today, despite his advanced age, Boris Galkin still acts in films, performs in theater and goes on tour. Then Galkin flew to the XI Transbaikal International Film Festival to participate in several concerts.

Boris Evgenievich, can you share your impressions? Have you already been to Transbaikalia?

I visited Transbaikalia in Soviet times. And I flew to this festival five years ago. Of course, the most important impression we get is that of the public and the audience. Either we miss each other or other times are approaching… Furthermore, this is mutual, both the public and the artists. They just receive us very well. And even in some ways it’s a little sad to leave. Our program is very tight. I know that tomorrow we will go somewhere, I have never been to such places, and this is 270 km from Chita. And there we have two performances planned. And on June 1, at the gala concert, I will do a small performance, I will sing.

Boris Galkin with his wife and daughter. Photo: still from the program “Tonight”. First channel.

You look great, happy and fresh. What’s your secret?

Maybe in champagne (laughs). Just kidding, of course! Of course, the source of my joy and my life is my daughter.

How old is Anya? Back to school soon?

On July 30th it will be seven years old and we are going to school.

How are you preparing?

We have a very good teacher, thank God. Anechka met her and they developed a wonderful relationship, she felt it. What happens is that Anechka is a girl with character, very sensitive, who perceives lies, human falsehood.

They say late bloomers develop faster…

Sometimes he confuses me with his questions and phrases.

What type, for example?

For example, she says, “Well, Dad, he’s coming home eventually.” She insists that I stop traveling (i.e. filming and touring, Ed.). Or she asks her mother, “Mom, why can’t Dad start living with us all the time?” Anya is generally a very family-oriented person. She is sad without us and I am sad without her. Of course, everything related to my daughter is joy. She has excellent hearing, she dances well, she feels the tempo, the rhythm. Anya is musical. Although, of course, I don’t really want her to be an actress.

For the trips?

Because, in general, family relationships between artists are always tense. I know this from my own experience. And there is much evidence of this. And I want your Ani to have personal happiness. Family, so that the husband is like a Chinese wall.

And who wants to be Anya herself? Are you already talking about her future profession?

She doesn’t talk about it yet. But when the mother sings, the daughter also starts singing and says: “Mom, don’t sing.” Because she wants to sing. This kind of slightly selfish creative will manifests itself in her. She insists. Actually, she is very acting.

As they say: poplars do not produce oranges. Are you not taking your wife and daughter on a trip or are they not very keen?

Well, after all, it’s a bit far away with my daughter. And last time, my wife Inna and I were at the Transbaikal Film Festival.

Where do you get so much energy: flying, driving, performing everywhere?

To tell the truth, that energy is no longer there, but over the years it has developed: we must get up, move on, let’s go, preparation number one. Almost like a fighter.

How do you like to spend time with your family?

Thank God we have a country house in the Moscow region, where nature is incredibly beautiful. There is a valley on the left, and a stream flows on the right, and once there was even a river, but over time it began to become overgrown. Now young pines grow there. I think that in the future there will be a pine forest. And so we walked there. Last time we went with Anechka and listened to the nightingales. Beauty!

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