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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Boris Moiseev’s apartment in Jurmala can go to Alla Pugacheva

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:14:11

Sergey Gorokh (right) was the artist’s director for many years.


Boris Moiseev passed away six months ago. He was 68 years old. The artist suffered the first stroke from him back in 2010. After that, Boris stopped acting. He could barely walk and barely talk. In recent years, Moiseev lived in seclusion in his apartment on Garden Ring, almost never leaving his house.

Real estate around the world

– Borya did not want to be seen as weak, – says promoter Sergey Lavrov. -Next to Moiseev was his director Sergei Gorokh. Moiseev could no longer perform for health reasons, so he and Gorokh sold Bori’s dacha in Barvikha. Alla Pugacheva and Kristina Orbakaite helped Boris financially. He didn’t need money. Borya had a lot of real estate: two apartments in Moscow (one on the Garden Ring, the other on Krylatsky), an apartment in Jurmala and one more in Bulgaria. During his lifetime, Moiseev promised that he would bequeath an apartment in Jurmala to Kristina Orbakaite. In his youth, he worked in the team of Alla Pugacheva, Christina’s childhood passed before her eyes, he called Orbakaite “my daughter”. But after Boris’s death, it turned out that the apartment in Jurmala was rewritten for Bori’s director, Sergei Gorokh.

Marx Tolkach is the only relative of the dancer.

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According to the artist’s only brother, 82-year-old Marx Tolkach (he lives in Canada for a long time), all Boris’s property, all his accounts now belong to Sergey Gorokh. That is why Moiseev’s brother turned to the well-known lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky for help.

– We need to get acquainted with the will of Boris Moiseev, which will happen, I think, in the near future. Then a decision will be made whether Mr. Tolkach should be present at the trial, – Alexander Dobrovinsky told KP.

– Alexander Andreyevich, what do you think, will you have a tough battle ahead?

– I have no idea. Marx Pusher suspects that Boris wrote his will when he was already ill and incapacitated. We will raise documents and find out the truth.

Director Moiseev Sergey Gorokh refused to comment on the accusations of the artist’s brother to the media. All this is absurd, and the dancer himself allegedly forbade him to talk about Moiseev’s personal life. “KP” called Sergey several times, no one answered the phone.

“Sell housing”

However, Moiseev’s brother is convinced that Pea’s silence is due to the fact that it is difficult for him to explain how he turned out to be the only heir to the singer.

– Boris and I had normal family relations. When we still lived in Russia, my wife worked for Boris in Trio Expression, she knows Sergei Gorokh well. Peas came to Boris as a director 30 years ago and immediately began “directing” his entire life, Marx Tolkach told KP. – Now many write that the family allegedly abandoned Boris and only poor Peas took care of the patient. It is not true. See the million dollar secret of 2017. There, Boris, having survived his first stroke, tells Lera Kudryavtseva: “I will leave the entire inheritance to my brother, Marik.” Nobody told us that Boris had a stroke again. I called Borya, his phone was turned off. I called Peas, he didn’t pick up the phone. And so it has been for the past two years. Friends told me that Borya was at home, Peas isolated him. But he assured me that Alla Pugacheva helped my brother financially and with treatment. He was sure that under his wing he was in good hands. We wanted to come pick up Boris, but how? I am 82 years old, I am an elderly person, the road is not easy, fly to another country so that they do not leave us at the door? We had to be content with the rare reports from Borya’s friends that he was alive and fed. I found out about my brother’s death from the press, Peas didn’t call me. And after Boris leaves, Sergey does not answer the phone. All I know: Peas tells everyone that my brother left him all his property. Even an apartment in Jurmala, which Borya promised to leave to Kristina Orbakaite. I think the apartment should go to the Pugacheva family, who have helped his brother all these years. That will be fair.

– And Peas should get something, what do you think?

– Of course, I would be grateful to Sergey, we would humanly agree. But it turns out to be an ugly story: one person simply appropriated the entire Borya estate. Apparently, when the brother was in a state of insanity, he waved this will. We have not yet seen the contents of this document. We don’t even know if it exists. This is up to the lawyer to find out. Well, for now, the news is bad. As I found out, Peas started selling Bori’s real estate. He already sold himself an apartment in Krylatskoye.

In the late 1970s, the artist performed as part of the Trio Expression dance trio, where he was noticed by Pugacheva.



Nelli Kobzon: Sometimes he called me

Joseph Kobzon’s widow, Nelli Mikhailovna, like Alla Pugacheva, all these years financially supported the seriously ill Boris Moiseev. She but she almost does not communicate with the artist.

– I don’t know what kind of relationship Borya had with his brother. In recent years I have communicated with Borey through his director Sergei Gorokh. Sometimes Borya called me himself, he spoke some words with great difficulty, but I understood him, ”Nellie Kobzon told KP. -I did not sit by his bed, I did not feed him, but I knew that Borya was clean and well fed. He was well cared for. For me, this was the most important thing. As for the inheritance, I think the brother is entitled to it. Still, he is the closest relative of Moiseev. But I think that brother Boris and Serezha Gorokh will figure it out themselves, without my intervention.


“I made a fortune thanks to Peas”

However, Sergei Gorokh has a good reputation in the variety workshop. The man now works in a team with Nadezhda Babkina, and his colleagues note: Sergey was really the only one who took care of the late dancer all these years. Say, no wonder Boris left you the entire inheritance.

– The rise of Moiseev’s career began when Seryozha Gorokh joined his team as a conductor, – says Evgeny Morozov, director of the Ru-Concert company. – Before that, Boris was a former dancer in the Pugacheva team. Peas invited him to record a duet with Lyudmila Gurchenko, after which millions fell on Moiseev, he immediately became a huge star. Boris earned over $7 million on this project. He and Gurchenko were paid $50,000 for corporate parties. It was with this money that Boris bought a bunch of real estate. Seryozha Gorokh has been engaged in recent years, excuse me, only with Moiseev’s diapers. For more than 10 years she was his babysitter. Therefore, it is not surprising that Borya left everything to him. Who else? His sister hadn’t called him for years and hadn’t come, and now he remembered their relationship, when he showed up the inheritance.

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