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Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Borrell: “Putin is waiting for General Winter”

Date: December 10, 2023 Time: 22:49:38

With the General Assembly taking place at the United Nations, Josep Borrell has come along to exchange messages with other high-ranking officials, ambassadors, and diplomats. The High Representative for Foreign Affairs has made priorities in New York to talk with his colleagues about Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine is not just a war in Ukraine,” explains Borrell. “Ukrainians are fighting, they are being fired on by rockets, and it is affecting the rest of the world.”

The big problem that Putin’s facing is what to do when there’s a lack of gas. It can become very dangerous during the winter, and Russia hasn’t had this problem in some time because General Winter always came to the rescue in the past. Putin believes that Europe will weaken during this transitory period, so getting enough gas can prove difficult. And Russia will be prepared if low temperatures occur.

“The perfect storm” as Borrell calls it, is a worldwide financial crisis where the high energy and food lost during the war create an inevitable financial crisis. Everyone suffers, not just Europeans but also everyone else on the globe. We need to start talking more with one another in order to stop this from happening.

Often when there is a dialogue in need of expansion, the struggle lies with communication. We must seek out ways to counteract the Russian narrative that attempts to convince people around the world that sanctions are the main cause of this problem, when in fact it’s a consequence of Russia’s war itself. . The focus is on global consequences from this war and makes especially note of its spreading around the world and causing an unstable and dangerous situation for all nations.

The High Representative made it clear that there is no one in the world who would be unaffected by this war.

“We firmly believe that if we defend Ukraine, we are defending the principles of every single other country that arrives here at the UN,” he said. “As long as they want to rally support they will show us too much animosity and continue to press their own agenda on us. We will strive to explain to our partners in Asia, Africa, and Latin America who’s really the culprit behind today’s instability: Russia.”

According to a United Nations spokesperson, the source of the situation is the complex web of crises that have been happening for quite some time. It’s not due to sanctions, as the Russian narrative would like people to believe it’s actually due to the war itself, coupled with the Ukrainian government’s lack of access to grain and fertilizers.

The head of the European Union (EU) has admitted that “There is a certain feeling, I talked to my colleagues about this, about whether we can bear the consequences of this war,” however “you want an end to the war, and want it soon. But how?! And we need to make sure that Russia cannot take land from a neighboring country.”

The last informal meeting of European Union foreign ministers agreed to begin a training mission for the Ukrainian army. “I hope that the next Foreign Affairs Council this fall will be able to make an expedient decision by EU standards. We considered this at an informal meeting right after the holidays, in early September. And if ministry-level talks in October secure a proposal on the Foreign Ministers’ table, we expect it will be swift.”

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Puck Henry
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