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Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Boutique managers rival foreign firms in ESG returns

Date: May 30, 2024 Time: 23:18:34

The investment funds of the small managers ‘made in Spain’ stand out on the ESG map. Some of the so-called ’boutique’ managers managed to ensure that products that follow a socially responsible strategy take advantage of the upward trend in the stock market, with double-digit returns. Among them are Creand AM, Renta 4 Gestora or Magallanes Value Investors which, through their star funds, compete directly with foreign firms operating in Spain.

The profitability of Spanish managers who invest in ESG is on average 3.15% in 2022, more than one point below those obtained by foreign companies operating in Spain (+4.21%). However, this has not prevented some of them from registering gains higher than those of the main European markets, in which the Ibex 35 appears as the second floor with the highest increases (+8.97%), only behind Italy (+ 9.18%) and are on the heels of foreign managers who also invest nationally.

Alcalá Multigestión Garp leads this list with earnings of over 13% so far in 2023. Promoted by the Andorran group Creand Wealth Management, it appears first on the podium and achieves leadership in 2022, when it was crowned the most profitable of all year, after obtaining a return of 95% with a patrimony of just 17 million euros.

Sustainable investment seeks to make the most of the increases that will prevail from the start of 2023 arbitrator. A scenario in which Renta 4 Megatrends-Technology also squeezes the ‘rally’. Launched by Renta 4 Gestora, this is placed in second place with a return of 12.3%.

Magallanes European Equity completes the shortlist which, under the investment patterns dictated by article 8 of the Regulation for the Disclosure of sustainable finance, points to an increase of 10.1%. His assets amount to 204 million. Of this amount, 75% is allocated to equities, especially in Europe, where up to three quarters are invested, while the rest of the aforementioned amount is invested in OECD countries and emerging economies. They bet on any type of company, regardless of its capitalization, although always with the perspective of revaluation in the medium and long term.

These figures compete with funds such as Morgan Stanley Investment Funds – Global Endurance (+14.8%) or Fisher Investments Institutional Emerging Markets, which has registered an increase of 14.5% since last January 2. Along the same lines, Carmignac China New Economy rebounds another 14.5%. Based in France, the bulk of its strategy focuses on companies in mainland China, employing at least 75% of its capital in this region.

More than a third of Spanish funds bear the ESG seal

Investment in sustainable funds has not escaped the turbulence of the financial markets either. The twelve months to forget both fixed and variable income has caused him to lose 8.2% of his assets. At the end of December this category added an amount of 113,500 million, 10,000 million less compared to the end of 2021.

According to the data collected by VDOS, the products promoted in Spain that only include in their portfolio securities that apply environmental, social and corporate governance criteria in their activity already represent more than 36% of the national funds declared in Spain. In this sense, the mixed typology prevails, with a 40.8% share, while only variable or fixed channel 27% each.

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