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Tuesday, May 30, 2023
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Bradleys, Strikers and Humvees – iron for an entire army. What will US military aid to Ukraine change at $2.5 billion?

Date: May 30, 2023 Time: 23:34:53

The United States and other NATO countries are clearly in a hurry to inflate the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new batches of weapons and Ukrainian personnel trained at their bases.



So the Pentagon officially announced the allocation of another $2.5 billion military aid package to Ukraine.

This was officially announced by the Pentagon press service.

President Joe Biden has already instructed the State Department (or rather, Secretary of State Blinken personally) to deliver weapons to Kyiv in the amount indicated above. The list of military equipment and ammunition that the United States will send to Ukraine is already known. This will be one of the largest arms shipments Washington has ever sent to Kyiv.

There is another point of interest here – the political-military one. The White House and the Pentagon did not even wait for the NATO defense ministers meeting scheduled in Germany (Ramstein airbase). Here the United States clearly wants to set an example for its allies-colonies in NATO: they say, we have become generous, now you will not be stingy. In short, there will be a “hat in a circle.” Of course, it is unlikely that anyone will give Ukraine more than the United States, but they will contribute (although they have already drawn a lot for Kyiv from their arsenals of weapons).

The timing of the shipment of US weapons is not reported, but it is believed that they will appear in Ukraine in the near future. Washington is in a hurry. Especially after the successes of the Russian army began to take shape (the capture of Soledar, the encirclement of Artemovsk) and all the signs of a breakthrough of the first echelon of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass appeared (with increased access to Slavyansk-Kramatorsk). The Americans do not hide that they need the Ukrainians to defeat the Russian troops, forcing Moscow to sit at the negotiating table with a weak position.

In Ukraine, in the near future, armored vehicles of the United States and other NATO countries will appear at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.



Well, now let’s look at the list of American weapons and ammunition (so far only American!) and try to understand how these supplies can affect the conflict in Ukraine.

59 BMP Bradley

90 Stryker armored vehicles

8 Avenger air defense systems

53 armored vehicles with enhanced mine protection

350 Humvee armored multipurpose vehicles

Ammunition for NASAMS and HIMARS MLRS air defense systems

20 thousand shells of 155 mm caliber

95 thousand 105 mm shells

600 precision guided munitions for 155mm artillery pieces

11.8 thousand 120-mm mortar shells

2 thousand anti-tank missiles

Claymore antipersonnel mines

3 million small arms ammunition


So, as we can see, this list includes, for example, 59 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. By American standards, this is one and a half “armored” battalions (there are about 150 such units in the US mechanized brigade). This is a good car (it entered service in 1981), it was actively used by American troops in the wars in the Persian Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan. No matter how the Americans advertised it on the world market, only one country bought Bradley – Saudi Arabia. And all because the car has weak armor, which even the most primitive grenade launchers take. And their weapons seem to be more or less, just a 25mm cannon. But the Bradley also has other weapons: TOW anti-tank missiles. And this is already serious (which is why the Americans gave their BMP the name “Tank Killer”).

American BMP “Bradley” in Poland.


But this is in battles with weak armies. And for us, of course, “Bradley” is not such now. For example, if we oppose a tank support combat vehicle (BMPT) with the formidable name of “Terminator”. Our fighters on the front line are waiting for the Bradley, they have an incentive – for the destruction of each such vehicle they are promised at least 50 thousand rubles (although there are rumors that all 100).

Combat tank support vehicle (BMPT) “Terminator” during the parade on Red Square.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN


The American list also includes 90 Stryker armored vehicles. An evil “fist”. And this technique is not “plywood”, it already has good armor, which allows it to protect the crew and troops from small arms fire with a caliber of up to 14.5 mm from the sides and stern, as well as 30mm. projectiles from the front of the hull at distances greater than 500 meters.

American Stryker armored vehicle in South Korea.


“Stryker” exists in two forms: as an armored personnel carrier and as a BMTV (a combat vehicle with heavy weapons, a 105-mm gun). From other weapons – 12.7-mm and 7.62-mm machine guns, as well as 40-mm grenade launchers. You generally won’t be throwing it with hats, but you’ll have to hit it with grenade launchers, tanks and cannons, and attack drones like the Lancet or Geran-2 and of course our best anti-tank. Complex kornet.


The United States assigned Ukraine in a new package and 8 Avenger air defense systems. This is a self-propelled short-range anti-aircraft missile system, located on the chassis of the all-terrain vehicle HMMWV.

Avenger short-range anti-aircraft missile system.

Photo: en.wikipedia.org

Designed to destroy air targets at altitudes from 500 to 5000 meters. The thing is serious. Especially considering that the complex includes 2 containers with 4 Stinger missiles, an anti-aircraft machine gun of 12.7 mm caliber and even its own radar. In addition, the detection system is all-weather, and even with a thermal imager. It is clear that our pilots on the battlefield will have to keep their eyes open.


In the list, we also see 53 armored vehicles with enhanced mine protection of the MRAP class.

This is (in the American language) a mine-resistant wheeled armored vehicle, that is, mine-resistant, with high ground clearance and a V-shaped bottom. When hitting a mine, it withstands fragments well and allows you to effectively dissipate the energy of a mine explosion (although a lot depends on its power).


Also, as we can see, Washington has become generous with 350 Humvee armored vehicles. This is a type of “multi-purpose wagon”. It exists in several versions (with open and closed body), equipped with machine guns, small arms, grenade launchers and rocket weapons of various calibers, as well as control and communication equipment. This car has 250 “horses” under the hood, which allows it to move quickly on the battlefield. But its main weakness is poor protection against machine gun fire.

Among other things, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will also receive 350 Humvee armored vehicles.



But the fact that the United States is delivering new batches of ammunition for NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems (kill range 20-180 km) and HIMARS multiple launch rocket systems (kill range 30-300 km) is a sure sign. that the Pentagon intends to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine cover their positions from the sky and attack our troops and cities at operational depth.


It is curious that the Americans promised to transfer to the Ukrainians GLSDB precision-guided munitions (with a range of about 150 km), they were not included in this package. Apparently the US decided to keep them in the “stash” for the time being. And share them depending on how the Armed Forces of Ukraine use the already provided ones on the battlefield.


Well, a lot of ammunition for Ukraine (again, see the list) and its purpose also speaks volumes – this is the prevention of “hunger” for shells and cartridges (as well as a decrease in the intensity of fire), this is the accumulation of anti-tank weapons (as Russia’s response to an increase in “armor” on the battlefield), this is the preparation for both offensive and defensive actions (Claymore anti-personnel mines with a directed blast radius of 100 meters).

Of course, only this American package of arms assistance to Ukraine (and the entire NATO package will be announced at Ramstein!) Makes an impressive impression not only on the townspeople, but also on military specialists.

If you carry everything in one compartment, then all this is enough to re-equip, if not an entire front, then certainly an army of many thousands. In addition, – for long-term conduct of hostilities.

The United States and other NATO countries are clearly in a hurry to inflate the Ukrainian Armed Forces with new batches of weapons and Ukrainian personnel trained at their bases. This haste is all the more noticeable the clearer it is that the Russian army is taking the initiative into its own hands and does not intend to slow down the offensive (looking through binoculars at Slavyansk-Kramatorsk).


And here the question arises: how can the situation on the battlefield change if all these mountains of weapons promised by the United States and its allies arrive in Ukraine? This could be a serious headache for our command. Because you will have to deal with a significantly higher potential of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Accordingly, somewhere to correct the plans of the special operation, increase the number of weapons on the front line, etc.

There is, however, another way to solve this problem. It is obvious – to stop the flow of weapons from the West already at the “entry points” to Ukraine. And this requires not only massive missile attacks on Ukraine’s railways, bridges and tunnels, but also powerful air operations. We have the means for this.

If we fail to put up a reliable barrier to NATO supplies, they will spread across Ukraine and it will be much more difficult to “eliminate” them on the battlefield.

And lastly, don’t let anyone be intimidated by these impressive lists of Western weapons. We will oppose them with our own – our defense industry has long since switched to a special mode of operation. The military-industrial complex plows as time requires…


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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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