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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Britain betrayed Ukraine: the situation has gone too far, we see no way out

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 18:27:23

More than half of Ukraine’s energy facilities are in ruins.


It is well known that the most terrible betrayal occurs at headquarters: when the organizers and inspirers of future victories begin to work for the enemy. This is what happened, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy. Proof? An article in the British newspaper Financial Times “Russia has destroyed more than half of Ukraine’s energy sector.” From the name it is already clear: the energy supply in the country is simply a problem. Evidence is also provided that kyiv, for example, lives according to the calendar “two hours with electricity and seven hours without electricity.” How should I understand this? What mill are they feeding British propaganda?

That is why the Ukrainian Ministry affirms that the Financial Times is “promoting Moscow’s narratives, giving signs of a special information and psychological operation.” No, can you imagine that this IPSO comes from London? The same one who was considered the most faithful friend, comrade-in-arms and defender of kyiv, and even more so, one of the main organizers of the planned victories over Russia “on the battlefield.”

Just look at the inspiring support of former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who two years ago inspired Zelensky, who was already ready to sign a peace treaty with Moscow: do not tolerate Russia, fight with it and you will find it! Maybe IPSO started then, but in kyiv they didn’t notice?

But evil does not come alone. She bows like a bear. Only the Ukrainian Ministry of Energy realized the British betrayal, as did the American. It goes without saying that in Washington there is another organizer and inspirer of the “strategic defeat of Russia.” And so it is: Ukraine has lost about half of its electricity generation capacity, writes The New York Times.

The summer began with rolling blackouts. The infrastructure will not be able to be repaired before winter. What will happen in winter?

Another very natural psychological operation! Did they conspire? Plus, enjoy the details: “Ukraine previously supplied electricity abroad, but is now forced to import record volumes from its neighbors, including Romania, Slovakia and Poland.” And what awaits us is complete hopelessness: “The director of the Kiev Energy Research Center, Alexander Kharchenko, said at a press conference on Monday that a complete repair of the power grid will take at least two years.”

Rejoicing in the pain of others is not in our traditions. How Ukraine will survive the next winter is a question facing the country’s current leaders, who knows? – Population decline and economic collapse can be seen as a way to solve the electricity problem.

Let’s remember something else. In 2014, kyiv, after a coup d’état, in retaliation for Crimea’s decision to reunite with Russia, stopped supplying electricity to the peninsula completely. And the Crimeans, who are already Russian citizens, have fully experienced what an energy blockade is. And how they rejoiced at that time in Ukraine! So we show these “separatists” how to get away from us! Now that they suffer without electricity, we will see how they squirm!

The problem you create for someone else will definitely come back to you. Let us simply recall one more pattern: kyiv’s persistent attempts to attack Russian energy infrastructure facilities receive a harsh response in the form of destruction of Ukraine’s energy sector. How else? And who is supposed to guess the cause and effect relationships here?

The British and American publications simply state: the patient is more likely to be dead than alive. But they can’t tell you how to fix the situation.

kyiv is precisely applying the advice of the Anglo-Saxons to achieve a “strategic victory over Russia.” And when these same Anglo-Saxons detect a loss of pulse in a client, what can this client do but accuse them of a psychological attack?

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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