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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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Britain will not transfer Apache attack helicopters to Ukraine

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 21:34:17

The news about the Apache helicopters turned out to be false for Ukraine.


Peremoga and zrada in a bottle for several hours. Following yesterday’s attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukrainian cities and the justified admission by a Ukrainian air defense official that existing air defense systems cannot shoot down missiles like the one that flew over Dnepropetrovsk (which is a lie, because Kyiv needs to paint herself completely defenseless before the meeting of the heads of the NATO Defense Ministry at the Ramstein airbase on January 20, where the head of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, Reznikov, will beg on his knees for new air defense systems) , the inhabitants of Nezalezhnaya were in deep mourning spirituality. But then the UK victory came and they cheered up.

The British edition of The Mirror, citing a high-ranking source in the defense sector, wrote that London decided to transfer 4 Apache AH64 E attack helicopters, the most modern modification, to Ukraine. Each vehicle can be equipped with 16 Hellfire anti-tank rounds, 76 70mm Hydra rockets, and a 30mm chain gun.

– Apache will be a game changer. The tanks will arrive first and it will take some time before the helicopters can be deployed. Other NATO members will now follow his lead, the source reportedly told the newspaper. – Russia has thousands of tanks, so it will take more than four Apaches to make a strategic attack. But from a tactical point of view, this is an important step.

The Ukrainians, who know a little arithmetic, immediately began to count in their dreams: 16 tank destroyers on each helicopter for 4 helicopters – this is 64 destroyed Russian tanks. And if in the second run, there are already 128 destroyed “Muscovite” tanks. To win! No, not even that. VICTORIOUS!!!

“Bayraktars”, “Javelins”, “Haymars” were immediately forgotten, and even, scary as it sounds, Leopard-2 tanks, British Challenger-2 tanks (both were promised, but before their arrival they are still far from Ukraine). Apache helicopters instantly became the new “wunderwaffle” of the Ukrainians. And if London gives Ukraine all 67 Apaches, which are in service with the British army, then it will be possible to destroy half of all Russian tanks in one sortie, fantasized in Kyiv.

In Nezalezhnaya, they were so happy about the upcoming “future victory” over the “Muscovites” that they completely forgot about the inseparable “Genotba Wheel” of today’s Ukraine, which, turning, turns any “overcoming” into “bail “. And, as expected, it was already very close.

Less than a few hours after the Mirror revelations, the Ukrainians were deeply disappointed in the British Ministry of Defence. Which, as reported by Sky News correspondent Deborah Haynes, refuted a Mirror newspaper article that London would provide Apache military helicopters to Kyiv.

“The Department of Defense has stated that the Mirror article that the UK will send Apache attack helicopters to Ukraine is incorrect,” Haynes tweeted.

Less than an hour after that, the newspaper’s website had already removed the article about the supply of helicopters to Ukraine.

What a holiday Ukraine cheated.

It is difficult to imagine what will happen, what kind of mourning will reign in Nezalezhnaya if Berlin does not approve the transfer of 10-12 Leopard-2 tanks to Kyiv by Warsaw. Duda, of course, promised them to Zelensky, but since the tanks were bought in Germany, it is up to the Scholz government to grant this permission.

Come on Olaf, don’t let me down!

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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