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Friday, March 24, 2023
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BUREAU. go out: secular calendar of the week

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 08:25:34

Traditional selection of the best events for the next 7 days

Text: Ksenia Kitaeva

26.01.23, 18:31 2023-01-26T18:31:14+03:00

An exhibition by Katerina Sereznaya opens in the space of the Ruarts Foundation, who explores the phenomenon of Russia in her works. Using a certain set of stamps and cultural phenomena, the artist reveals the nature of national identity. Katerina works with graphics, found objects, and the illusion genre. The combination of the glitch effect and the real objects that keep the story builds a language that is both tactile and visually oriented in her works, capable of connecting the past with the future. Katerina Sereznaya skillfully intertwines the aesthetics of an operating system, devoid of a spiritual component, and the practice of visualizing sensory states: contemplation, permanent reflection in search of answers to the fundamental questions of being.

Of the surviving films with pre-revolutionary footage, Esfir Shub edited The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty, a film that turned the notion of the artistic and ideological possibilities of reissued newsreels upside down. It was also performed with the support of the Kymatic Ensemble, which develops multimedia and interdisciplinary trends in contemporary music. A team of young intellectuals, academic improvisers who use baroque, modern concert and ethnic oriental instruments in their work together with new multimedia technologies. The film, by the way, will be presented to the audience by the curator of the program and film critic Alisa Nasretdinova, and the lecture hall of the Zotov Center will host a lecture on the topic “Cropping as a method.”

Kirill Doeshvili’s first solo exhibition in Moscow opened recently at the astra gallery. The author’s artistic world is inhabited by fairy-tale characters who play with each other a complex game that we spy on. To create them, Doeshvili uses archival architectural paper, on which fictional characters come to life: Treshchak the Unpunished, Friendly Pirate Rokhlya, Wandering Apollo, Unscientific Chatterbox, Neptune’s Unspent Client, Romeo the Sad, Lunatic Pierrot and many others. The heroes communicate telepathically and find themselves in a single field, in the process of exchanging something, for which the stars grant them a blessing. According to the author’s idea, there are neither bad nor good among them: they are all engulfed in the flame of love, but do not know how to express it correctly.

No, it’s not what you thought. The Moscow City Hall Theater will host the premiere of the Ranevskaya series about the life and creative work of the great actress. It will be presented by the actors of the project Alexander Domogarov, Polina Kutepova, Semyon Strugachev and others.

The Zasport sports brand team will hold an Olympic brunch at the Garda restaurant. Among the guests are Olympic champions, the menu includes the restaurant’s main hits such as artisan pastas, wood-fired pizza, ramiro peppers, vitello tonnato, as well as cheeses and sausages from Italy and osso buco.

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