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Monday, October 2, 2023
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Burning down last savings: why Burkovsky, Khamatova, Shelest and Nazarov* who fled Russia can’t find work abroad

Date: October 2, 2023 Time: 07:44:58

Foreign agent Dmitry Nazarov * unsuccessful tour

Photo: frame of the film.

A year and a half ago, some of our artists decided that they could build a career in the West on Russophobic statements and the image of “talents” who had fled their homeland. Someone left the cordon soon after the start of the NWO, most preferring to make lucrative contracts in their homeland and then run away “with full pockets.” But the career of the former stars did not work out. Now they are eating the savings they earned in their homeland. Most opened accounts in foreign banks. We tell six stories from different countries about those artists who received a lot at home.

Political scientist Dmitry Raevsky told kp.ru why the escaped musicians and actors perform in small (or half-empty) halls or sit without work: “Artists who went abroad should have assumed that they would have problems with the size of the public. How else? Many of our compatriots, who were not only in the West, but also in the East before the onset of the New World Order, fully supported the actions of our country. It is extremely unlikely that the careers of artists who have now gone abroad will somehow stay afloat. It does not matter East or West, they will go with concerts. They will not be accepted not by mentality. They will not be accepted for flight reasons. The fugitives are not loved anywhere. And I never loved.

Political scientist Raevsky believes that fugitive artists will not be able to earn money abroad

Photo: social networks


Olga Shelest, 46 years old

TV and radio presenter Olga Shelest constantly worked on the TV show “Five for One” (channel “Russia”), worked on the radio and organized events. Last spring, Shelest left Russia with her husband and her two daughters. After the start of the NWO, Ella Shelest did not make political statements, she stopped talking on social networks about how and where she lives: she makes neutral sketches of life. Former colleagues of the TV presenter told us: “Shelest went to the United States. They tried to live there many years ago. They know the language, her husband works, she is sad ”.

Olga Shelest did not find a job in the US.

Photo: social networks

Olga Shelest with her husband, producer and director Alexei Tishkin, daughters (10-year-old Muse, 8-year-old Iris) settled in New York. Shelest and Tishkin have lived for more than 25 years. But they registered the marriage in New York only before the birth of their eldest daughter. Shelest gave birth to two daughters in the US: the girls had dual citizenship from birth. Shelest and her husband first settled in New York more than 10 years ago, when Tishkin had lucrative deals there: he was shooting music videos and projects. But soon they returned to her homeland, since Olga had a career and work only in Moscow, and she earned much more than her husband. Now the family rents accommodation in New York, the daughters go to school (there were no problems with the language, since in Moscow the children attended an English-speaking private school), only Tishkin works – he shoots music videos and other projects for charge. . Olga Shelest has not been able to find a job for a year.

Andrey Burkovsky, 39 years old

Actor Andrey Burkovsky with his wife Olga and their children (12-year-old son Maxim and 10-year-old daughter Alice) rent an apartment in Los Angeles. The actor left last summer; he suddenly decided to become a Hollywood actor. I started small and have been improving my English for a year. When in winter Burkovsky published a photographic fact that he was acting in New York in the play Chekhov in Chelsea by director (who also escaped) Alexander Molochnikov, someone suggested that the actor had his first job abroad. He didn’t show up. It was not a performance, but their so-called “sketch” – they rented a room and showed it once in order to have a record and attract patrons for a possible future production. The actors worked for free. There are no sponsors. Molochnikov eats Russia’s savings.

Andrey Burkovsky and his family moved to the US, where he played for free once a year.

Photo: social networks

Burkovsky’s cash reserves are more impressive: in recent years he has played in popular films and TV series: “Kitchen”, “The Last of the Magikyanos”, “Tobol”, “Call DiCaprio!”, “Mediator “, “Good man” , etc. on the day the actor earned as much as 200 thousand rubles. More salary in the theater. There has been no work abroad for a year: the family lives on the savings earned by the actor in his homeland. The children studied online at a private school. The artist does not talk about political issues.

Foreign agent Prusikin*, 38 years old

Foreign agent Ilya Prusikin * and his cohabitant Sofya Tayurskaya are now the entire composition of the Little Big group. The rest were fired, as the meager fees are not enough for two. A loving couple rents an apartment in Los Angeles. Tayurskaya reassures her depressed mistress: “I have been saying for a long time that we must go and try to do something for the whole world.” They left, they got a green card, but they hit bars and small clubs. Before the concerts, Ilya * speaks with a part of the Russophobic statements, but this does not help to rally the audience. Now there is a summer mini-tour of Tayurskaya and Prusikin * – they work for halls from 500 to 1000 people. And the social networks of the Little Big group are amazing – they post a video in which they dance on the summer stage of Riga in front of a crowd of people. Former Little Big fan, IT specialist Roman, conducted a mini-investigation, which he reported on the group’s page: messages from him were deleted. Roman told kp.ru: “The crowd in Riga in this video is the performance of “Little Big” at the festival, when the audience came to the concert of several artists at once. Before that, there were videos from clubs in the USA, there the back of the hall was edited with the help of special programs. To make it look like there is a crowd of people at the back of the room.”

Foreign agent Prusikin* complains about low profits

Photo: social networks

For private concerts, the group was not booked once after their flight. Tickets for declared concerts in small venues sell poorly (they sell out in half the hall). Local residents are not interested in these artists, the Russian-speaking audience comes, but not actively. Former Prusikin star cries: “I was rich, but I lost everything. Now we are acting, but all the money we earn goes to housing and food. I used to have money, a house, a car. I lost them. I no longer have advertising contracts – and they were half a million euros.

It is impossible to spend the crazy money that was earned during the years of the band’s popularity in a couple of years. One “reserve” from the Little Big group cost 6 million rubles. Surely, the fees are reversed, and Ilya * lives with his lover on the interest (dividends) of the former luxury. Like so many who escaped.


Dmitri Nazarov*, 66 years old

Actor and foreign agent Dmitry Nazarov * with his wife, 55-year-old artist Olga Vasilyeva, decided that the more Russophobic interviews and slavish rhymes they post online, the better tickets will be sold for their performance. But it does not work. If in the spring Nazarov * and his wife toured several small halls in Israel, performed for the Russian-speaking population, then in the summer the mini-tour failed. First, the planned performance in Berlin was canceled, then in other German cities – no tickets were sold. Concerts in the Baltics were also discontinued. The actor himself pretends that nothing happened, but where should he go?

For obscene unpatriotic songs and rhymes of his own composition, spreading slander in interviews, Nazarov * lost his job in Russia: they stopped filming him, he and his wife were fired from the Moscow Art Theater. A.P. Chekhov. The people were outraged by the unpatriotic position of Nazarov * and his wife, after which their private performances were also canceled. Only after losing his job did the actor and his wife go abroad to eat the money they earned. One day of shooting in Nazarov’s homeland* cost 200 thousand rubles.

A few years ago, Nazarov * bought an apartment in French Cannes. It is interesting that the artist himself speaks of the presence of an apartment in the complex, but it is registered at two addresses at once; You most likely have 2 properties here, one of which is for rent. Both properties are in the old part of the city near the Mediterranean Sea.


Chulpan Khamatova, 47 years old

Actress Chulpan Khamatova is depressed: her plans did not come true. She left a year and a half ago with her daughters for Latvia, where she had a home and a residence permit. I hired a tutor and started learning the Latvian language. Khamatov was even hired by the New Riga Theater troupe. But a performance with the participation of Chulpan Khamatova was removed from the repertoire after the premiere with the text: “This is a creative failure.” And the second for the next three months is on the bill once. The artist is not paid a salary, only fees for performances. There was an attempt to make non-repertoire productions and tour with them: but after the first performances it became clear that it was not paying off. If Khamatova travels, it is rare, since it is difficult to sell tickets even in small halls. The actress got an agent in America and Europe in the hope of film projects. But they are not. Big movies and series are not filmed in Latvia.

Chulpan Khamatova has a performance in three months

Photo: screenshot from the video


Andrey Makarevich*, 69 years old

This foreign agent has been living in Israel for a year and a half, where he was bought a five-room apartment in the Netanya resort many years ago. In the summer, the musician began to say that he was ready to give concerts in Russia: he was tired of singing in foreign taverns … And lately Russophobic statements from Makarevich * have not been heard. But he began to complain about the Israeli way of life. Initially, Andrei Makarevich * obeyed the persuasion of his young wife (the fourth in a row), that he dreamed of living in Israel. 38-year-old Einat Klein (Inna Kalinina) moved from kyiv to Tel Aviv three years ago, where she in the spring of 2022 gave birth to a son, Makarevich *. Foreign agent Makarevich * lives with his wife, his son and his mother-in-law, who moved to a young kyiv family.

Foreign agent Andrey Makarevich * for the sake of good fees, is ready to sing in his homeland, from where he fled. Only here nobody orders it

Photo: social networks

The artist continues to work, only there is little work and less profit. Makarevich’s recent tours * with a quintet passed through the halls for 400-500 people, he sang in small towns in Germany, in Cyprus, in Turkey. The fee for the equipment – up to 20 thousand euros (2 million rubles). Two years ago, the artist’s concert cost 100 thousand euros at a private event. There is no demand for a team in our country at all. And for private events – nowhere.

*Physical person recognized as a foreign agent.

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