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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Business days at work: are they different from vacations?

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:43:42

Beyond the vacations that correspond to each worker per month worked, employees have the possibility of access additional days off. In some cases, such as getting married, to that marked amount each year are added another 15 extra days. While other situations such as a move or the unknown operation they can grant work permits for up to five more days. Although in these cases a series of requirements must be met in order to request them, there are other extra permits and different from vacations that it is not necessary to justify before our bosses or managers. They are about the days of own affairswhich are those in which the worker can miss work for personal reasons and without the need to justify them. in your collective agreement so determines or because the company has negotiated it within a company agreement. officialsthese are usually called “fly days” and have their own regulationbeing able to reach up to six days a year. In order to check if you have the right to them, it is necessary review it in the collective agreements of application according to the sector of the company’s activity or in the company’s collective agreement or that is determined by a company agreement. Therefore, it is possible that not all employees will have corresponding extra dayss. For civil servants, they will have to verify in their agreements the number of days of their own affairs that they can access each year. reason why they ask for library that day. San José point out that the days of personal affairs “have no nothing to do with the holidays that each worker has an annual right. The days of personal affairs are days outside of these”.How many of these days correspond to the year?? According to what is determined in the collective agreement of the sector, the company or the company agreement may be more or less. For example, in the collective agreement for collective catering, it states that workers will have right to one day’s paid leave for own affairs without the need for justification. will be renewed every year, it is important to request them within the calendar year. In case that I don’t know lonelyunless otherwise agreed, they are lost. At the time of your choice, unless it is indicated as a limitation by the collective agreement or the company agreement where they are granted, there are freedom to request that right on the day you chooseso it wouldn’t matter if you miss a Monday or a Friday. salary will not be deducted, although it is always necessary to review what is determined in the collective agreement or company agreement. What will happen if we get fired? Will it be mandatory to include this extra day in the settlement? Even though the worker who has been laid off If you have not used this permit, the company will not be obliged to include and pay them in the settlement. If you have been in ERTE, will you be able to enjoy it in the same way as the rest of the workers? Luis San José recalls that yes, “because the fact that be affected in ERTE it does not limit the enjoyment of the days of own affairs, logically when the contract is not suspended by the ERTE”. , a judgment of the National Court dated 9/15/2022 was also handed down according to the workers who agree leave due to temporary disability have the right to enjoy the days of their own affairs fully regulated in the collective agreement, without having to subtract the proportional part of the days that they have been on leave due to temporary disability.

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