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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Can a summer spent on the couch with a device be called a vacation for a schoolchild? – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 16:54:21

I won’t embellish it if I say that almost the vast majority of schoolchildren spend their holidays, regardless of their address, on the couch with a device in their hand. Of course, no one canceled the vacation. But Marina Barabanova, a psychologist professor at the city’s Psychological and Pedagogical Center, told RG readers how to do it with the greatest benefit.

According to the psychologist, it is important for parents to remember that free time during the holidays should make children happy, give them emotional energy and relieve the nervous system. “The holidays should be a period of recovery and accumulation of strength before the next school year and, of course, a time of new positive impressions that the child will remember with joy,” she says.

But no matter which vacation option the family chooses, it is worth remembering the daily routine. And the parents’ task is to help their child’s self-organization. “The daily routine should include walks outdoors, time for relaxation, communication, creativity and self-development, taking into account the interests and preferences of the child,” says the psychologist. And she reminds you that monotony, the repetition of the same tasks, tires the brain and reduces productivity.

He suggested observing nature together as simple options to change activities. “You can get some simple binoculars, a voice recorder and a reference book that identifies bird species. You can ask your child to keep a diary of observations and observe the animals, and then guess who he saw, ”says Marina Barabanova.

Many children will be interested in learning about the “old” games their parents played. To do this, you must exercise your memory and remember what you yourself played. For example, they can play “Dodgeball”, “Pioneerball”, “Cossack Robbers”, “Ring-ring, go out on the porch”, “Hopscotch”, they can master simple jumps with rubber bands, and then observe more complex combinations. In Internet.

A great option for an active educational game is “I Know Five Names” (for two players or more). The presenter thinks of a topic, for example, wild animals. The first player begins to hit the ball on the ground with the words “I know five names of wild animals.” Each hit of the ball on the ground is the name of the animal. For example, “wolf – one, bear – two, etc.” If a player makes a mistake or does not have time to say a word, the ball is passed to another player. Once all players have completed the round, the host comes up with a new topic. This game not only develops dexterity and gross motor skills, but also expands vocabulary, teaches classification and trains memory.

An excellent leisure option for the whole family is board games. Its important advantage is accessibility from an early age. Games that involve competition teach the child to react correctly to defeat and to support those who have won. These are important communication and self-regulation skills.

On family nights, you can introduce your child to family history. Draw a family tree together and look at photos of family members. Ask your relatives how they lived when they were little, how they celebrated holidays, etc. Remember the legends and traditions. And invite the child to remember something from his experience: what kind of story would she write in a family album?

And finally, you can diversify your vacation by participating in summer educational projects. In summer, there are many creative and intellectual platforms available where learning takes place in an easy and entertaining way. Some of the children will enjoy the language camp and drum master classes. There are also summer blogging schools, animation studios or a computer club where they will teach you how to develop your own video games. The undoubted advantages of this type of training are the opportunity to try something new and find friends with similar interests. Or maybe your summer hobby will even become a serious hobby.

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