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Sunday, February 5, 2023
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Can they take away my unemployment for refusing a job? The SEPE clarifies it

Date: February 5, 2023 Time: 00:44:23

When a person hired by someone else becomes unemployed, they must meet a series of requirements to be able to request and receive the unemployment benefit, that is, a contributory benefit managed by the Public State Employment Service. This help arose from the worker’s contribution base, since it is used to calculate the amount of the benefit that he will receive once approved.

In order to access the SEPE benefit, the following requirements must be met. In the first place, the employment relationship has ended due to causes beyond the control of the worker, be affiliated with Social Security and appear as a job seeker, in addition to having contributed for at least one year in the six months prior to the unemployment situation and have not reached the legal retirement age. With these requirements met, you can access this benefit, which next year will increase from 2023 by at least 8.5%, according to forecasts released in recent weeks by the Government of Spain.

Until now, the benefit received was 70% of the contribution base during the first seven months and, from the seventh month, the amount was reduced to 50%. As of January 1, 2023, this reduction will be 60% instead of half, so workers who are in this situation will receive 10% of their regulatory base than expected. Likewise, as of this date, unemployment benefits will be revalued by 8.5% to match the unprecedented rise in the CPI, marked by the high rate of prices due to the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

However, in order to continue receiving the unemployment benefit on a monthly basis until a job is found, the unemployed must meet one more condition: sign an activity commitment that, in case of non-compliance, will lead to the withdrawal of unemployment. But what exactly does this activity commitment consist of?

What happens if you reject a job offer from SEPE?

If you receive unemployment benefit, you must understand that refusing a job may lead to the cancellation of the benefit or a temporary penalty. As explained on the SEPE website, one of the obligations of job seekers who receive unemployment “is to actively seek employment and meet the requirements of the activity commitment that is included in the request for their benefit.”

For this reason, rejecting a SEPE vacancy is considered a serious infraction. The first time the beneficiary refuses to accept a job, he will lose three months of benefit. The second time, the sanction will be six months and, in the event that there is a third, the benefit will be totally and definitively suspended.

Of course, the offers that come to us from the SEPE must also comply with a series of characteristics for their rejection to be considered an infringement. First, it must be a position consistent with the one requested by the unemployed person and that it is related to their usual profession, as well as that it adjusts to their training and physical aptitudes or that it is the last profession carried out by the beneficiary.

Likewise, the job offer must be equal to or greater than the Minimum Interprofessional Salary and the job position must be in the worker’s town of residence or a maximum of 30 kilometers away.

What is an activity commitment?

According to the SEPE criteria, it is the commitment that the applicant or beneficiary of the benefits acquires to actively seek employment and accept a suitable job position. This means that the person who collects unemployment agrees not to reject any of the job offers that come to him, as long as he meets the criteria set forth in the previous paragraph. In case of rejection, you will face the aforementioned sanctions.

But, in addition to complying with this obligation, the activity commitment also entails the participation of the beneficiary in “specific actions of motivation, information, orientation, training, retraining or professional insertion”, explain the SEPE website, thereby increasing their possibilities to get a new job. Not taking advantage of this type of initiative will be the reason for a slight sanction.

Not participating in this type of actions to improve employability will not be penalized if you are in the first 30 days of enjoying the benefit and, therefore, signing up for this type of course or training will be completely voluntary for these people.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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