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Friday, September 22, 2023
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Can! Where and how royal KXan paratroopers train 36 Daily News

Date: September 22, 2023 Time: 20:25:00

There was no time to choose people in the newspaper fuss, those who were free went. And already practically in the clouds they found out that the photographer, Arkady Ivanovich Kolybalov, a veteran, served in the urgent Airborne Forces in the 1960s – 9 jumps, he saw the legendary Vasily Margelov. The veteran was given a parachute and a halyard was attached to the An-2, so that in the heat of the moment he would not jump after those he was photographing. However, no halyard will hold up the truly euphoric. Camera Irina Podzolkova decided that the report would not be complete if it was done from the ground or from an airplane. And she made the first parachute jump of her life from 2800 meters. By the way, she didn’t have that writing task, it was all in the call of the soul. Well, the author of these lines, having taken the right pilot’s seat after landing, tried to find the answer to the question: why do people jump? He seems contrary to nature: she did not give us wings. However, what to philosophize – he flew! By the way, in the left seat is Vladimir Sotnik, a fighter pilot (2200 flight hours on the MiG-29, Su-25, Su-27, etc.), he flies to the Research Institute of Parachute Engineering in Kirzhach, where to try new types of parachutes.

There is no worse beast than a mouse.

The DOSAAF Volosovo airfield belongs to the Moscow City Club.

“Muscovite?” – I consult with the girl, in whose jump helmet the Mouse appears.

It turned out that Mouse is from Sverdlovsk, a city south of Lugansk. In Sverdlovsk, Lugansk, there is an airfield and a patriotic club of paratroopers “School of Courage”. But there is nothing to fly there, and “heaven is closed.” Therefore, we came to jump in Volosovo. The mouse is the call sign, the skydiver’s name is Yulia. She came as part of a group of the same enthusiastic teens, numbering 50 in all.

Why is it a mouse and why does it jump? Little, and was born in the year of the Mouse. She says: she took an example from her older sister, who before the war, in 2012, jumped with a parachute in Donetsk. Julia-Mouse then went to kindergarten. But dad told him: you should too! “And I argued with him: no! I don’t want to!” Julia laughs.


“Not the right word, of course, fear, well, a lot,” Yulia admits, “but the emotions are simply indescribable, adrenaline.”

I wonder: what do the boys-classmates say?

“Half – wow, Julia, that’s great! Others, you’re crazy.”

Is the jump related to the choice of profession? Until he makes up his mind, he’s thinking about a military career. But first you have to finish school.

“Although he is still a Mouse, his call sign is slowly turning into the Beast,” says the girl’s father, Vyacheslav Domrachev, head of the School of Courage club (he is a demolition miner by peaceful profession). of a mouse. Although the guys from my club have peaceful call signs: Sky, Sling, Grass. Someone tried to call themselves Lucifer, I refused. It’s useless “.

The main motivation of his boys is self-affirmation. But there is also a pragmatic aspect. Most of the graduates of the Domracheva club went to fight in the special forces of the DPR. Some died.

By the way, do you know how to distinguish the guys from Donetsk and Luhansk from the rest? Usually your peers have funny TikTok videos on their phones. These also have videos, but they are different. They are from his everyday life: he was driving a car, and then a Ukrainian shell arrived … The DPR is represented by the Yenakiyevo Aviation Club, and Yenakiyevo is 30 km from the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, even “Grad” flies.

road to the clouds

The Lugansks have been hopping to Volosovo since this year. But the DPR paratroopers are already veterans here. Andrey Pashnev, director of the Yenakievo Club, works as an An-2 flight instructor in Volosovo. Donetsk teenagers have jumped to Volosovo for the third year.

“Children need it more than anyone. We help as much as we can. The people of Lugansk have found a sponsor and for those of Donetsk we are the main sponsor,” said the director of the Moscow City Flying Club Susanna Firijanova. .”

Although, if we take the statistics, the number of teenage cadets is dominated by Yunarmiya. “Every year in Volosovo we train 1020 Yunarmists,” continues Susanna Grantovna. “They perform three jumps. We also train Suvorovites, students of cadet classes – 5,000 jumps a year. In total, 10,000 jumps. We are preparing not only paratroopers. In Volosovo, teenagers are being trained to become FPV drone pilots. In addition, they receive training in tactical medicine. The teachers are doctors who have returned from the NVO area.”

The “RG” journalist took it and parachuted. Without homework, at the call of the soul

We found classes on the imposition of hemostatic tourniquets in the “red zone”. In other words, on the combat contact line.

Why do they need such skills? And there is no superfluous knowledge, we live in troubled times.

But the main thing, of course, is skydiving.

Hand, heart, two rings.

The Soviet days of DOSAAF, when they also paid extra for jumping, alas, are over. Today’s airfields and clubs must make money themselves, in order to survive. And if you are not a cadet of a patriotic club and are not a member of Suvorov, then the jumps are paid. From 5 thousand rubles. by independent and 13.5 thousand by tandem (with instructor).

The proposals are interesting. Recently, a girl named Daniel received a high school diploma right here in heaven. I jumped without an instructor. But she doesn’t need it, this is her 100th jump.

And the instructor is more suitable for romantics. Increasingly, young people take the bride to the airfield as “just to jump”, and on the ground they suddenly offer their hand, heart and wedding ring. You can do it without an instructor, so you need two rings. Hook and that releases a parachute.

Is it difficult to learn to parachute? But if a fragile 14-year-old girl can do it, who or what will stop you? The main thing is to master yourself and get off the plane when you have 800 meters of emptiness under your feet.

But, according to Susanna Firijanova (she herself has 1000 jumps), not a single bride has refused the groom after landing. Wind in the mustache. True, there are also small costs – some brides frankly admit that feelings and emotions from the jump are much stronger than from seeing a box with a gold ring.

But these are earthly things. In the end, some have more than one marriage. And the first jump is like the first love, always the main and only one.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor is a full-time editor for ePrimefeed covering sports and movie news.

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