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Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Canada applauds the time when fascists devastated Ukraine: they represent a terrible threat to the world

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 11:32:33

Gennady Zyuganov.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– Gennady Andreevich, since October 2022 I have been under sanctions from Canada and I have a special attitude to what is happening there. Yesterday, the speaker of the House of Commons of this country, Anthony Rota, resigned amid the scandal related to the invitation to parliament of Yaroslav Hunka, a veteran of the SS Galicia division. How would you rate this speaker’s decision?

– As for today’s Anglo-Saxons, they behave not only defiantly, but also disgustingly. They declared war on Russian culture and our civilization. 20 monuments to Pushkin were demolished in Ukraine, under the leadership of Bandera and the same SS men who today incubated in NATO and Canada.

What happened in Canada is not an isolated event. The Canadians were the first to start supplying weapons to Ukraine.

For decades they did everything they could to encourage Nazis and fascists. Together with the Americans, the former used all the methods of the fascist Reich to deceive people and poison their brains with Russophobia, anti-communism and anti-Sovietism.

– All this caused a standing ovation for the SS man in parliament 78 years later.

– There is another scandalous coincidence in this monstrous act. On the same days of September 1943, the largest operation of the Red Army began – the battle for the Dnieper. On September 23, the first troops landed on the right bank of the Dnieper, behind the German army. It was a bloody operation. Only one in every third of this first landing survived. The Nazis equipped a very deep defense here, formed a powerful military fist, because they understood the importance of the region. After the battle of Orel-Kursk, Hitler realized that he would no longer win the war, but said: “I will not lose it, here we will build a powerful fortified zone along the Dnieper from the Black Sea to the Baltic and the Red”. The army will break, bleed and will not be able to take us to Berlin.

All paratroopers were awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

At this time, when it would be necessary to honor the great heroes who liberated Ukraine, Kiev and all humanity from fierce fascism, in Canada they welcome a Nazi and a fascist, whose hands are up to the elbows in Russian blood . With their direct participation they shot both Ukrainians and Jews, Poles and Belarusians. This is unthinkable.

– How can this happen today?

– Now a whole army of politicians, so-called “scientists” and propagandists are working in the field of rewriting history, whitewashing fascism and denigrating the USSR and Russia. There are effective brainwashing technologies. In Germany, in 1922, Hitler created the fascist party. He then managed to take power and in eight years a fairly educated and literate country was deceived to such an extent that they condemned entire peoples to death. They condemned us to destruction. Plan “Barbarossa”: the main blow would be dealt by the SS units.

– The President of the Canadian Parliament, Anthony Rota, took responsibility for this unpleasant incident.

– After such a scandal, the president should resign, of course. But this is not enough. Generally, this is a criminal matter. According to international convention, those who encourage Nazism and fascism are criminals. It is necessary to start a criminal case. They have forgotten everything the fascists did, they themselves are becoming Nazis and fascists and represent a terrible threat to the world.

– The 98-year-old SS veteran was invited to the Canadian parliament, especially coinciding with the visit of Ukrainian President Zelensky to this country, and the speaker introduced him as a “fighter for the independence of Ukraine against the Russians” during the Second World War. World War.

– And the parliamentarians stand up and applaud the murderer and bloodsucker? They applaud that terrible time when fascists devastated Ukraine. They applaud another scoundrel named Zelensky, who threw Ukraine into the furnace of the globalist interests of the same Americans, Canadians and British. Ukraine, which flourished in Soviet times and had a population of more than 50 million, is devastated and destroyed. They reduced the population by half, destroyed industry, now they take young people to the slaughterhouse, shoot them and despise the victory of their ancestors. That’s the tragedy.

– Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau described the world’s reaction to the tribute to an SS veteran in the Canadian Parliament as a Russian provocation…

– He reminds me not so much of the prime minister as of a frivolous playboy. It’s a shame for such a head of state. Then his own children will curse him for this criminal policy of supporting fascists and Nazism.

– Gennady Andreevich, I know that you came into contact with former SS members when you served in the GDR.

– When I served in the Soviet troops on the territory of the GDR, we had about a thousand former SS registered there. But, understanding that the Soviet army is standing, the winner. In the three years of my service, I have never heard of a single act of vandalism, scandal or fight. They understood that there was a powerful force that must be obeyed and respected.

– How did you feel when you met with these former fascists almost every day?

– During the war, the SS were abundant in my Oryol region, there was an SS division on the Volokolamsk highway. They blew up the New Jerusalem. They blew up our sanctuary! They killed everything that was sacred and important in our lives. And when the generals were later interrogated at the Nuremberg trials, I was surprised by the cynicism of one of them’s response, and a fairly accurate response. He said: There were situations when Moscow was taken and burned, but, as history has shown, until we uproot its language, its faith, its culture, its traditions, they will be reborn again.

They said that, in fact, they lost not only to the Red Army, but also to the Soviet master. They did not imagine that a Soviet teacher would prepare such an intelligent, brave and glorious commander and soldier in 10 years. By the way, when Soviet troops stormed Berlin, when they eliminated selected SS units, of the 10 commanders of the Red Army, 7 before the war were teachers and directors of Soviet schools.

Today we ourselves must draw conclusions from these attacks that are taking place in Europe, in Ukraine, and restore all the best that happened in our millennia-long history.


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