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Sunday, September 24, 2023
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Capital received more than 3 million medical devices for patients with a stoma under a compensation contract

Date: September 24, 2023 Time: 19:45:14

By the end of the year, the supplier, a resident of the EEZ Technopolis Moscow, plans to produce up to 8 million units per year for 50 items.

Photo: Moscow City News Agency

A compensation contract is entered into between a government client and a private provider. The supplier creates production at his own cost, and the authorities guarantee the purchase of products. Since 2017, Moscow has concluded 12 such agreements, the volume of investments under them amounted to more than 19 billion rubles. Nine of them are related to the pharmaceutical industry, one for the supply of food for dairy kitchens and two for the supply of file storage systems.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on his telegram channel on July 26 that under one of the compensation contracts, the capital received more than 3 million medical devices for ostomy patients. These are patients who have had surgery to remove part of the bowel or bladder and remove the digestive tract or ureter through a special hole, a stoma. Such patients require special care from the first day of surgery with the constant provision of stoma care products.

By the end of the year, the supplier, a resident of the EEZ Technopolis Moscow, plans to produce up to 8 million units per year for 50 items. This will allow the city to provide ostomy patients with everything they need.

Moscow signed the first compensation contract in 2017 with Biocad. Since 2021, the pharmaceutical supplier has been providing the city with medicines for the prevention and treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The capital government concluded the second compensation in the fall of 2018 with R-Opra LLC. Construction is scheduled to be completed this year. The company will produce drugs for the treatment of oncological, psychotic, rheumatic and asthmatic diseases.

Under the terms of the compensation agreements, the supply of a certain list of drugs is planned within a few years after the start of production. For example, Biocad began supplying medicines in 2021 and R-Opra in 2023. At the same time, according to the terms of the contract, R-Opra did not use the right to supply medicines in 2022, and therefore the total cost of the contract was adjusted.

The third compensation contract was signed in 2019 with the company Gemamed: it is under it that Muscovites now receive import replacement medical devices for ostomy patients.

“The compensation contract concluded by our company with the Moscow Government allows us not only to ensure access to vital medical devices, but also to effectively develop import substitution production in the city. The high standards that must be met for the supply of products for the Moscow city health system form a positive image of our company in the medical device market and give us additional impetus for development,” commented Alexey Drondel, head of the production department of Gematech (part of the Gemamed group of companies).

The fourth compensation contract was signed at the end of May 2020. Since 2022, the city’s milk distribution points have been receiving baby food from Tsaritsyn and Lianozovo dairy plants.

The fifth contract was signed in 2022, again with the pharmaceutical company – the Moscow Endocrine Plant. Since April 2023, the city has been purchasing antiglaucoma, antibacterials, painkillers, antidepressants and antipsychotics.

In 2023, Moscow signed seven more compensation contracts. Five of them are in the pharmaceutical field: with the company “Vip Camilla”, which produces absorbent underwear (diapers and diapers); Velpharm-M, which produces cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic and antihistamines; R-Pharm for the supply of immunosuppressants and anti-cancer drugs; Pharmasyntez, which will also produce several types of anticancer drugs, and R-Pharm, where it will produce oncopharmaceuticals, oncohematological drugs, drugs for people with diabetes, cardiovascular, neurological, rheumatological diseases and ulcerative colitis. The supply of medicines under these contracts will begin in 2023-2026.

The contract concluded with Moscow will allow Velpharm M to use all resources and load the capacities of theLyudmila Shcherbakova, president of Bright Way Group. “A compensation contract for a manufacturer is a great help, a great help, it gives confidence in the future because of the guarantees of the state. This form of cooperation allows us to build long-term relationships, creating new industries, jobs and providingcreate a market for your products in the long term. Among Russian regions, Moscow is a pioneer and leader in the implementation of this form of public-private partnership. And we are proud that Velpharm· M has become one of the first pharmaceutical industries to conclude such a contract with the city,” Shcherbakova emphasizes.

In addition to medical compensation and a contract for the supply of baby food, the Russian capital has signed two similar agreements for the supply of systems for storing files.

Compensation contracts, if executed in good faith, are mutually beneficial. They also have a positive effect on the lives of ordinary citizens.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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