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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Cars imported by resellers will be more expensive: the government will tighten the rules for car registration

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 11:02:58

But if large merchants did everything according to the law, small resellers were cunning.

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Life will become more difficult for resellers. The Home Office is pushing for changes to vehicle registration rules. According to them, the State Traffic Inspectorate may refuse to register a car imported from abroad. In the event that it was resold within one year after crossing the border. As Izvestia writes, the changes are already supported by the government.

Recall that the import of cars and other important goods through parallel import (that is, without notifying manufacturers) in Russia was allowed in 2022. After the departure of European manufacturers, there was a shortage of cars on the market. This niche was quickly filled by enterprising citizens. They bought cars in Europe or China and brought them to the country.

But if the large merchants did everything according to the law (with the payment of all fees), the small resellers were cunning. They imported the car supposedly for personal use and saved a lot on the disposal fee. For individuals, in this case, the recycling fee is symbolic: from 3,400 to 5,200 rubles, depending on the age of the car.

For comparison, the recycling fee for legal entities importing cars for sale ranges from 300 thousand to 1.3 million rubles. Overall, the savings for small resellers, who often used front men, among others, were significant. Now the Ministry of the Interior has decided to close this legal loophole.

– The government is tightening the screws little by little. But in the right direction. Everyone must respect the rules. The state allowed the importation of a car for personal use. Did you buy it to go to the countryside? Well, use it for its intended purpose. And if it is a question of resale, pay everything that corresponds to the budget,” automobile expert Igor Morzharetto told the KP.RU correspondent.

According to market experts, the tightening of regulations will lead to a reduction in parallel imports. But this will not create shortages in the market. Mass models are supplied in large volumes through large distributors. Within the framework of the parallel import program, mainly exclusive models will be supplied, also from Europe and the USA.

Those who are going to buy a foreign car in the near future should carefully study the documents, including customs documents, experts advise. If the car was imported to Russia less than a year ago and a reduced recycling fee was paid, it is not worth taking. Otherwise, when you try to register with the traffic police, you will most likely have to pay several hundred thousand rubles.

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