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Monday, March 27, 2023
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Central Bank: Russians began to complain more often to the regulator about financial services KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 27, 2023 Time: 07:26:15

“Most of the” sanctions “complaints (27.6 thousand) were received by credit institutions. Most concerned withdrawal and transfer of foreign currency, restructuring and moratorium on loans. Without taking these issues into account, the number of complaints against banks would have decreased by 5.6% Behavior The Bank of Russia’s supervision of how banks comply with the law against the taxation of paid services contributed to a decrease in the number of complaints about consumer loans (by 20 .6%) and mortgages (by 10.7%), said the Central Bank.

The increase in the number of complaints against insurers (by 30.2%, to 59.3 thousand) was caused by a stream of template requests to change the bonus-malus coefficient, which is used to calculate the cost of OSAGO . They were made up of paid intermediary sites, and these requests did not contain all the necessary information and obviously did not allow solving the requesters’ problem.

In the spring, the number of complaints about problems with OSAGO repairs increased by a third, in particular due to the lack of spare parts, delays in repairs, but since the summer the number of such complaints has returned to the level of 2021. In general, in 2022, consumers less often complained about problems associated with the settlement of losses under OSAGO – the number of such requests decreased by 2.3%. The availability of OSAGO supported the launch of a reinsurance pool in April 2022.

The number of complaints against microfinance organizations decreased by 5.6%, to 47,000, mainly due to a decrease in requests for repayment of overdue debts (by 30.6%). At the same time, fraud reports have become more frequent, including loan foreclosures by intruders on someone else’s behalf (by 38.6%). To solve this problem, a borrower’s identity verification procedure has been implemented according to certain parameters when issuing microcredits online, and a mechanism for self-prohibition of loans and credits is being developed.

“The multiple increase in complaints against the subjects of the stock market, which reached its peak in April, was mainly due to the forced transfers of individual brokerage and investment accounts of brokers who were under sanction to other market participants, as well as to the blocking of foreign accounts. values. In this regard, the law on the preservation of the right to a tax deduction for investors who opened new individual investment accounts in violation of the standard deadline for closing old ones was adopted. Market participants are negotiating with European accounting institutions to unlock assets,” the Bank of Russia explained.

The increase in the number of complaints related to improper sales (by 40%, to 5.8 thousand) was mainly due to incorrect sales of mutual fund units, trustee products and services, as well as endowment life insurance policies that were issued in previous years. In order to stop unfair sales practices, the Bank of Russia introduced rules for informing clients about the characteristics and risks of investment products, and also determined the procedure for suspending sales and returning money to consumers in case of violations. systematic of these rules.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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