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Friday, December 8, 2023
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“Cheater, don’t steal!”: humanoid robots will protect Russians from telephone scammers

Date: December 8, 2023 Time: 13:05:43

A whole factory of humanoid robots has appeared in Russia that will intercept scammers’ phone calls and love their teeth to avoid deceiving real people. The Russians will be able to participate in character development to “divorce” the attackers. A series of robotic characters that look like real people – a new skill for the telephone secretary of Tinkoff’s defender Oleg.

The idea is this: the longer the scammer “hangs” on the phone line, communicating with the robot, the fewer potential victims he manages to call per day. This will reduce the number of scams on telephone subscribers, in addition to quickly monitoring and receiving new fraud scenarios.

A model based on artificial intelligence has been created for Robot Factory. An analysis of more than 40 thousand minutes of calls from scammers was carried out and trigger phrases were identified, after which the attackers are ready to continue the conversation.

The scheme according to which robots will take over the conversation with scammers is as follows. As soon as a subscriber’s phone receives a call from a suspicious number, which is listed in the Tinkoff Caller ID database (part of Oleg’s Defender) as fraudulent, as well as when the call is disconnected or the subscriber is talking on the second line, Robot Factory characters will turn on automatically. During a conversation, the robots react to activate phrases from the scammers and, based on this, activate the desired conversation scenario. To impersonate a real interlocutor, robots will ask the scammer various questions, they can be distracted by external events (for example, acting out a scene of communication with a child on the playground) or attract a third party to participate in the conversation. . . All of this should confuse attackers and force them to maintain a conversation for as long as possible.

To create a series of characters, experienced psychologists were involved who helped develop the different archetypes of interlocutors that scammers are accustomed to: older people, young people subject to the influence of others, multitasking specialists who try to solve several cases at the same time. at the same time.

– We have long realized that scammers, who are used to being one step ahead of market decisions, have discovered the telephone secretaries who launched several brands after Oleg’s Defender. Therefore, with the help of experts, we developed a series of different characters that reflect different archetypes, the developers explain.

For example, one of the robots in a conversation with a scammer will play the role of an old man looking for his glasses. Another robot will represent a young mother trying to control her child on the playground, the third will represent a nervous driver behind the wheel. Professional voice talents Pyotr Glanz (voice of the superhero Deadpool in the official dubbing) and Daria Blokhina participated in the dubbing.

Most of the time, scammers call subscribers posing as law enforcement officers. They threaten criminal cases and demand money. The robot factory will give a worthy response to this popular “wiring.” Robots not only guide scammers by the nose, but also control them, driving them red-hot.

An excerpt from one of the conversations between a robot and a scammer

The average duration of conversations between robots and scammers is 2 to 4 minutes; Individual calls can last more than 10 minutes. The project turned out to be not only fun and atypical, but also social, because every year telephone scammers become more sophisticated in their tricks and the number of victims grows. The robot factory will periodically monitor new scammer conversation scenarios and update the database of fraudulent phone numbers.

Interestingly, Oleg’s Defender users, if they wish, will be able to participate in the creation of new characters that will resist scammers. Adding your own version of the script to complete Robot Factory is available in chat with phone secretary @OlegOtvetBot. To do this, you need to type the command “Oleg, this is how to neutralize a scammer”, click on the microphone icon in the lower right corner and express your proposal freely. The best scenarios will be processed by Oleg’s Defender team and will start protecting subscribers from scammers as part of Robot Factory.

Currently, the new skill is available to about 500 thousand Oleg’s Defender users; In the next month, all users of the telephone secretariat will be able to connect.

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