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Thursday, March 23, 2023
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Check of 200 euros: cases in which government aid can be shipped

Date: March 23, 2023 Time: 00:45:06

The check for 200 euros already has a collection date. The Tax Agency publishes the exact date on which the single payment of the aid promoted by the Government of Spain will be made to deal with the high rate of inflation, as a consequence of the Russian invasion in Ukraine. However, potential beneficiaries of this anti-crisis measure must take into account that the amount to be received by bank transfer may be seized in some specific cases.

And it is that, to begin with, the check of 200 euros would enter directly into the seizable assets, although it is true that it must be taken into account that there are limitations to the possibility of seizing the social benefits that a citizen receives. This point is included in article 169 of the General Tax Law. It is also established in the Civil Procedure Law, in its article 607.

However, within the standard itself, there are limitations. For example, an amount that does not exceed the Minimum Interprofessional Wage may not be shipped. Let us remember that the SMI, approved in February of this year by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, is 1,080 euros gross per month divided into 14 payments.

In which cases can the aid of €200 be sent to me?

The Tax Agency reserves the right to embargo if the beneficiary has debts with the Public Administration. In these cases, the Treasury can retain the assets through the ‘seizure procedure’.

To be more exact, it is a notification issued by the AEAT when a natural or legal person has debts or invoices pending payment, for which reason the seizure is carried out if the terms for settlement and payment of said debts have expired.

According to the General Tax Law in article 169, the assets and rights of the taxpayer will be seized in a sufficient amount to cover:

The amount of the debt not entered.

However, as mentioned above, it should be noted that the regulations argue that an amount that does not exceed the Minimum Wage cannot be shipped. In such a way that the assets will be seized in the following order:

Cash or in accounts opened in credit institutions. Credits, effects, securities and rights realizable immediately or in the short term. Wages, salaries and pensions. Real estate. Interest, income and fruits of all kinds. Commercial or industrial establishments. Metals precious stones, fine stones, jewelry, goldsmiths and antiques. Movable property and livestock. Credits, effects, values ​​and rights realizable in the long term.

Therefore, if the person interested in the 200-euro aid has a traffic ticket, unpaid taxes or any other debt with the Treasury or with any Public Administration, they are exposed to having the 200-euro check seized, provided that their monthly income Exceed the Minimum Wage.

How do you know if you have received a check for 200 euros?

To find out the status of the aid application, all you have to do is access the digital headquarters of the Tax Agency and click on ‘Consult submitted applications’. This section must be accessed through the electronic DNI or the digital certificate or Cl@ve PIN.

When does the government’s anti-crisis measure begin to be collected?

The public body has established a period of three months to collect it, which begins on March 31, that is, which coincides with the last day to submit the online form. This means that the subscription could begin to be made between the months of April, May and June. However, the Executive of Pedro Sánchez has already established a maximum date for potential beneficiaries to receive the amount. until June 30, 2023

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Puck Henry
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