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Friday, July 12, 2024
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Cheerful Mikhailov, mistress Makeeva with her husband and charming Kabo: how was the opening of the 11th Trans-Baikal Film Festival?

Date: July 12, 2024 Time: 18:23:43

Anastasia Makeeva with her husband Roman Malkov

Photo: Olga RODINA.

For the eleventh time, the Transbaikal International Film Festival is held in Chita. Traditionally, the event brought together a large number of stars: Olga Kabo, Andrei Chernyshov, Alexander Domogarov, Anastasia Makeeva, Alexander Mikhailov, Boris Galkin, Yulia Rutberg and many others.

The grand opening took place at the Trans-Baikal Regional Philharmonic, where, perhaps, almost all the inhabitants of the city came.

The Transbaikal International Film Festival is one of the main cultural events in Chita.

Anastasia Makeeva appeared on the carpet accompanied by her husband Roman Malkov. The couple, who celebrated their third wedding anniversary in early May, hugged, kissed and didn’t leave each other’s side the entire time. The lovers even chose the same color scheme: Anastasia wore a floor-length black dress and Roman wore a suit of the same color. The actress accessorized the look with ruby ​​earrings and her husband wore a matching scarlet bow tie.

KP.RU asked who the author of the suit was.

“Yesterday we flew here and, instead of resting, we spent the entire night sewing this dress. I personally cut the flowers, but these beads were made by a specially trained person,” Anastasia Makeeva’s husband shared with KP.RU.

“I adore my husband because he has a great sense of humor. I won’t tell you the brand. But I bought it specifically for this event. We decided to make it all black,” Makeeva said.

By the way, Anastasia is a kind of pioneer of the Transbaikal International Film Festival.

“I was already in Chitá at this festival ten years ago and I am very happy that the festival has grown. I was there when he was one, but now he’s 11! I would like to say a huge thank you to the locals, those who put their soul, energy and strength into this event. It’s great that people grow up, get an education, become rich, become successful and return to their homeland. And they not only return, but they develop it. And the region is truly unique, it deserves it,” Anastasia Makeeva told KP.RU.

“Where I was born, I was useful,” Roman added.

Alexander Domogarov

Photo: Olga RODINA.

But Alexander Domogarov visited the Transbaikal Film Festival for the first time, although he had already been to Chita. The artist had been called before, but now he could only find time in his busy schedule. Domogarov arrived on the eve of the opening and held a creative anniversary evening. Recall that on July 12, Alexander Yuryevich celebrated his 60th birthday. Although Domogarov slept only two hours after the flight, the concert was sold out.

“The public received it very well. With the fifth song the audience was conquered and was very happy. The crowd is good. In the end they didn’t want to leave. We sang two songs as an encore. So everything turned out great,” Alexander Domogarov told KP.RU.

On the occasion of the anniversary, KP.RU asked the actor how old he is.

“Who the hell knows. About 40 years old, but physically about 80 years old… Although physically I feel like I have as much as I eat. But the important thing is not physics, but what is in the heart, in the soul. I’m still the same 35 year old. Passport data is passport data,” Domogarov shared with KP.RU.

Alexander Mikhailov

Photo: Olga RODINA.

But the star of the film “Love and Doves” Alexander Mikhailov clearly does not physically feel his age. Just yesterday, on the eve of the opening of the festival, the artist had a fever and today he appeared on the carpet in a good mood. The actor was accompanied by his wife Oksana. But Alexander Yakovlevich will celebrate his 80th birthday this year! This is what a true Siberian means! Let us add that Mikhailov was born in the Chita region and is an honorary participant in the Trans-Baikal International Film Festival.

“I feel incredible. Amazing. Don’t listen to anyone! It was all there, but not to that point. I happen to be very popular when something happens. In general everything is fine. We have a festival,” Alexander Mikhailov told KP.RU.

Olga Kabo and Piotr Chernyshov

Photo: Olga RODINA.

The opening ceremony was conducted by Olga Kabo and Pyotr Chernyshev. The always regal Olga shined in an elegant floor-length dress with a sheer cape, and Peter chose a classic black suit.

Kabo’s friend, Alika Smekhova. They are godparents to each other’s children.

Photo: Olga RODINA.

Among the star guests of the event were also Alika Smekhova, Tatyana Abramova and her husband Boris Galkin, Ilya Glinnikov, Victoria Tarasova and many others.

Tatyana Abramova with her husband Sergei

Photo: Olga RODINA.

Boris Galkin and Eleonora Filina

Photo: Olga RODINA.

Ilya Glinnikov and Saar

Photo: Olga RODINA.

Victoria Tarasova

Photo: Olga RODINA.

Yulia Rutberg and Vladimir Steklov

Photo: Olga RODINA.

Olga Tumaikina

Photo: Olga RODINA.

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