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Chef’s recipes: How not to throw away the monthly budget on the New Year’s table and please your guests KXan 36 Daily News

Date: June 15, 2024 Time: 17:06:44

Vladislav Askhaev, a well-known chef from Irkutsk, a member of the chefs’ associations of the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia, told Rossiyskaya Gazeta how to follow traditions and not spend too much.

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olivier do it yourself

The most unstable product on the New Year’s table is Olivier salad. In public catering it is believed that its shelf life (like any salad with mayonnaise and eggs) is only six hours. Therefore, either we cook exactly as much as we can eat, or we follow the advice of our interlocutor:

– I take green peas for my Olivier, finely chop the eggs, gherkins, tongue (chicken / meat / sausage), boiled potatoes, carrots. Each culinary specialist has his own recipe: someone will add onions, someone will add fresh cucumber, and even an apple. And here – complete freedom of creativity. But the main thing is that the slices do not mix in one bowl! And it comes in different containers! Serving is simple: I put all the ingredients on slides on a large plate, I serve the mayonnaise separately in a gravy boat. And each guest prepares Olivier on his own plate. Such Olivier looks very beautiful, its taste is absolutely classic, but at the same time there is no risk to health and nothing will be thrown away. All products in separate containers are perfectly stored in the refrigerator for several days, and, by the way, when you get tired of Olivier, they can become an integral part of other salads.

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Haute couture “fur coat”

Vladislav Askhaev recommends cooking herring under a fur coat lightly and not leaving it overnight to soak:

– It is better not to boil the vegetables for this salad, but to bake them, so the taste is more saturated and bright. Then lay out in layers in the form (you can divide it into portions) herring, finely chopped onions (if desired), potatoes, carrots. Each layer is lightly greased with mayonnaise. We pass the beets through a juicer. The juice is thick and viscous. You can add a little agar-agar to it, or you can whip it into a foam and pour it over the salad! It is not only beautiful, but also very tasty! There will be nothing left the next day.

exclusive mayonnaise

Mayonnaise for New Year’s salads, the chef advises to cook it yourself:

– It’s simple: egg yolks, any vegetable oil, mustard (especially if you are going to cook Provencal), salt, pepper and lemon juice. Without preservatives! And you can experiment – add different seasonings to taste.

Cooking is easy!

Spending the whole day at the stove on New Year’s, according to Vladislav Askhaev, is completely optional. There are many dishes that are prepared in a matter of minutes, and the taste is not inferior to the compounds:

– Great option – Greek salad. Delicious, bright, light. If you want something new, we cook “Panzanella”. A slightly stale loaf is taken (ciabatta is also suitable), fried in olive oil. Then tomatoes and spicy stuffing are added – oil, lemon juice and spices. Very simple and delicious.

A gourmet snack can be made with avocados. We puree it, then salt and a little lemon juice – we get Mexican guacamole sauce. It is served as a garnish with salted fish, wrapped in salmon rolls with light cottage cheese. And guacamole-smeared bread with a piece of fish on top is a great alternative to caviar sandwiches.

Instead of jelly, you can cook julienne. This gourmet dish is very easy to prepare: cut the chicken breast into small pieces, coat them in flour and fry them in butter. When it is reddened, add the onions, then add the mushrooms (or other mushrooms), pour in the cream (or sour cream), sweat for 10 minutes, salt, pepper, put in molds, sprinkle with grated cheese and put in the oven. Once golden, it can be served.


Salted trout or salmon, which traditionally decorate the New Year’s table, are not cheap. But if you salt pink salmon correctly, you get a delicacy, Vladislav Askhaev assures:

– We take two parts of salt and one part of sugar, you can add lemon zest and rub the thawed fish fillet. If you want a spicy salting, then you can use any seasoning here. After 30 minutes, a slightly salty snack will be ready. If you want more salty, wait longer. You can also try the Scandinavian version of salting. This is when everything is done the same way, but the fish is under pressure. So the product is more dense.

An excellent alternative to goose in apples is duck. Much cheaper, easier and faster to prepare.

– Stuff with porridge (spelled, bulgur, it is possible with mushrooms), marinate, for example, with Asian ginger sauce (this is a matter of taste) and baked, – advises Vladislav Askaev. – It is baked quickly, about an hour, excess fat melts and is absorbed into porridge, the skin becomes ruddy. Delicious!

and they ate everything

Before starting cooking, it is advisable to calculate the total amount of food, recommends the interlocutor of “RG”. Approximately 500-700 grams of food is needed per guest, including salads, appetizers, and a hot dish. Here is an example menu:

Two salads. A traditional and satisfying one (olivier, mimosa, glutton, herring under a fur coat). The second is lighter, with olive oil or another sauce.

Appetizers. Sandwiches with guacamole and fish. and Julian Everyone!

hottest A dish is duck.

Dessert. It usually doesn’t come to you on New Year’s Eve, but you can apply in the morning. If you made your own mayonnaise, you are left with egg whites. So why not bake Anna Pavlova cakes? This is meringue, cream with sugar, any berry that you probably frozen for future use.

Drinks. Frozen berry fruit drinks, a wonderful kombucha drink. Champagne – preferably brut. If you prefer it stronger, you can not spend money on cognac, but prepare tinctures with frozen berries. It’s not that strong and it tastes good.

– Believe me, this is enough for your guests to be full, – assures Vladislav Askaev. – Don’t cook anymore! But, if it seems to you that this is not enough, add a table of cheeses, fruit, homemade pickles. Just to not be nervous.

If you couldn’t resist and cooked more than you could eat, give the scattering guests a bowl of something tasty. This, by the way, is also a New Year’s tradition. And much healthier and cheaper than eating or throwing away.

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About the dumplings

And on January 1 it is customary to eat dumplings! Vladislav Askaev advises sticking them in advance and freezing them:

– We make the dough in the simplest way: water, salt and flour. We knead it as it should, so that it is dense and elastic. For the filling we use minced meat, as you like. But the main thing is not to interrupt the taste of meat with seasonings: a little salt and pepper, onions (for an amateur). I enjoy making dumplings with my kids – this is our family New Year’s Eve tradition.

And as a gift from the chef – a recipe for the legendary Irkutsk dumplings in pots:

– We pass (fry) the onions, carrots and beef liver. We put it in a pot, dumplings on top and pour very hot chicken broth. We send the pot, having previously closed the lid or cake, to the oven. We cook for 30 minutes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees. Bon Appetite!

Happy old night! And good luck in the new year!

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