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Saturday, February 24, 2024
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China aims to ensure job and price stability KXan 36 Daily News

Date: February 24, 2024 Time: 06:33:56

The meeting noted that the economy maintains a trend towards recovery and stable growth, but its foundation is not solid. It is essential to implement the decisions of the Central Economic Work Meeting, better align the response to COVID-19 with economic and social development, and focus on maintaining growth, employment, and price stability.

“Despite the turmoil caused by factors that exceeded expectations, this year we managed to maintain stability in employment, prices and general economic indicators, which was not so easy. The main economic indicators are generally in a reasonable range” Li Keqiang said.

The meeting participants noted that the implementation of the economic stabilization package and follow-up measures play a key role in overcoming shocks caused by unforeseen factors, as well as reversing the economic downturn and returning the economy to sustainable development.

There is still scope for the full impact of this package of measures, especially in the areas of construction of key facilities and equipment upgrades and renovations, which will continue to play an important role in driving investment and consumption both now and in the future. .

“The effective work we are doing now will help sustain growth in the coming year. It is critical to seize the window of opportunity and remain vigilant. We are enhancing our response to COVID-19, taking into account conditions on the ground and removing barriers and obstacles as needed,” Li said.

The meeting called for problems during the implementation of the economic stabilization package to be identified and corrected to ensure its full implementation on the ground.

The construction of key facilities, as well as the modernization and reconstruction of equipment, should be promoted to provide a greater physical volume of work. Projects that meet winter construction conditions should not be suspended.

It is essential to maintain a strong commitment to the consolidation and development of the public sector, and to encourage, support and guide the development of the non-public sector in order to gain the confidence of private companies and support their future development.

The healthy and sustainable development of the platform economy should also be supported. To this end, efforts will be made to promote an orderly recovery of the services consumption market, taking into account the real situation.

In addition, 16 financial policies will be implemented to meet people’s basic housing needs or better living conditions, ensure the start-up of homes under construction, and support financing for the real estate sector. The most comfortable conditions for conducting foreign trade and investment negotiations will also be created.

As the response to COVID-19 is progressively simplified and tightened, centrally coordinating and maintaining the momentum of the economic recovery is critical to laying a solid foundation for economic growth next year.

“The key points of the current package of economic stabilization and follow-up measures are two types of financial instruments that solve the problem of the lack of political instruments. In addition, more than 10 teams have been sent to the field to monitor and help work on this front. , with excellent results,” said Li Keqiang.

The meeting participants stressed that the relevant departments should re-examine the progress of the implementation of the local economic stabilization package in the near future to ensure that all development responsibilities are met as a top priority, reforms to reduce the apparatus administrative and grant more rights. to lower authorities are carried out, and all difficulties and problems are overcome in a coordinated manner.

The meeting also noted that China has kept prices stable this year amid high global inflation. With the New Year and the Spring Festival approaching, it is essential to ensure the supply of essential supplies and keep prices stable.

Efforts must be made to ensure the proper functioning of transport and logistics, as well as the urgent solution of the problem of the “last mile” in delivery to certain locations. The responsibility system of provincial governors for “rice bags” and city mayors for “vegetable baskets” should be established to ensure adequate supply of essential goods and stable prices for them during the New Year and the Spring Party.

In addition, active efforts must be made to meet people’s needs for protection and medicines against COVID-19. Relevant companies will be supported to ensure production reaches full capacity. You should also expand international cooperation and, if necessary, import the required goods from other countries. It is extremely important in winter to provide energy for daily and industrial needs, as well as for heating residential premises.

“We should promote the healthy development of the platform economy, as it plays an important role in stabilizing employment and stimulating consumption. As the New Year and Spring Festival approach, governments at all levels They must make efforts to ensure supply and keep prices stable.” “The lines need to run smoothly, the same goes for the logistics of the last mile. Careful and painstaking work needs to be done to meet the needs of people in a difficult situation and make sure they meet the New Year and the Feast Spring safely and happily,” he said. stressed Li Keqiang.

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