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Monday, June 17, 2024
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China counted the US as a schoolboy: Washington bowed its head to Beijing

Date: June 17, 2024 Time: 03:25:42

Until the last moment it was not known if the Chinese president would receive the US Secretary of State


In November last year, the leaders of China and the United States, after meeting in Bali on the eve of the G20 summit, agreed that US Secretary of State Blinken would visit China. Washington needed the visit, because even then its contradictions with Beijing over Taiwan threatened to enter a “hot” phase due to the constant provocations of the Americans. China had to respond with large-scale military exercises, during which the military defeat of the Taipei forces was simulated. Only seven months passed, and Blinken finally made it to Beijing.

At first, he himself canceled his trip to the capital of the “heavenly kingdom”, in protest against the Chinese aerial “spy balloon”, which the Americans shot down with a rocket. So the Chinese were in no hurry. And relations between the two countries continued to deteriorate rapidly. Then, in March, there was Xi Jinping’s visit to Moscow with his words about “changes that happen once every hundred years.” Washington was thoroughly concerned, not least because China has consistently denied it direct contacts with its Minister of National Defense, General Li Shangfu, who has been under US sanctions since 2018 over Russian arms purchases. And so it went until recently: the Americans really wanted to, but they couldn’t. At the moment, in Beijing, after an important pause, they have not given Blinken the go-ahead.

Such a high-ranking US diplomat has not been received in China since 2018. And never since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries have their relations been at such a low level. Reporting on this, the Chinese official Global Times writes, citing Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang, that such a provision “does not meet the fundamental interests of the peoples of the two countries, as well as the general expectations of the international community.” “.

There is no doubt that when the two largest economies in the world, which also have nuclear potential and the most powerful militaries, go from fairly acceptable competition to practically open hostility, and one of the parties, in order to maintain leadership, begins to clearly use cowboy methods against each other, this is a threat to everyone. It is the United States that recently proclaimed its technological “bleeding” as its goals in relations with China, in effect declared a “microchip war” on it, and began to regard all Chinese students and specialists in the United States as “spies.” ”. How else? After all, without exception, the owners of the White House do not stop talking about the “exclusivity” of their country and openly declare that they will not allow any country in the world to challenge the global primacy of Washington. But the challenge is already launched, and what to do with it?

Let’s remember how Blinken started in his contacts with Chinese colleagues in March 2021 in Alaska. In the first meeting with Beijing diplomats after the Biden administration came to power, he treated them unacceptably rudely, accusing China of violating human rights and cyber attacks and putting pressure on American allies. Well, I received as an answer from the Chinese “according to merit.” The negotiations came to nothing. And the relations between the two countries after that diplomatic dispute reached its peak. Especially when the Americans decided to blatantly annoy the Chinese with visits by their high-ranking politicians to Taipei, hinting that the United States supported Taiwan’s aspirations for independence.

So, the Chinese Foreign Ministry had to remind the US colleague during a six-hour conversation “that the Taiwan issue is the core of China’s main interests, the most important issue and the most significant risk in China-China relations.” China and the United States”. And what is Blinken? Yeah, he swallowed it and didn’t choke. Even Comrade Qin Gang invited him to pay a return visit, however, when not specified. And this after a Chinese diplomat bluntly pointed out “inappropriate aspects of US policy toward China.” Note which ones: “the lack of rationality and professionalism, while this policy is largely affected by prejudice, extremism and ideological motivation.” Weighty such “diplomatic slaps in the face.” And nothing, Blinken smiled.

The results of the visit of the Secretary of State are measuredly evaluated by both parties. The main thing is that both talk about the need to return to normality in bilateral relations. But this, of course, for the Chinese means, first of all, equality, non-interference in internal affairs and respect for the principle of “one China”. Therefore, without hesitation, the same Global Times cites the assessments of Chinese experts that Blinken’s visit is due to the urgent need for the United States to interact with China in order to obtain a “window of opportunity” to prevent relations from breaking down. bilaterals enter a state. of “it can’t be worse”.

That is, it is not the Americans who now “endow” their attention to applicants for their favor, but they themselves are trampling down the hall of Comrade Xi in order to be accepted by him. Until the last moment it was not known if the Chinese president would receive the US Secretary of State. However, he condescended, spoke up and gave his assessment: “The two sides have moved forward and come to an agreement on some specific issues. This is really good”.

Disgusting, right? And do not express enthusiasm about “friendship and cooperation.” “Agreement on some specific issues…” These are the new realities that confirm that Washington is being stripped of the title of “global padishah”. The two countries’ interaction, as Comrade Xi, who listened carefully, told Blinken, should be based on “mutual respect and sincerity.” Let him now tell Biden.


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