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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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China Tested ‘Ghost Space Weapons’ and Scared the West With Them

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 12:18:35

China has successfully tested a “ghost space attack”


China has successfully tested a “ghost space attack,” a new tactic to suppress and disable missile defenses by giving false signals to a target from space, according to the British publication MailOnline. It allows you to provoke the enemy into responding to false targets, while other missiles will launch a combat strike, for the interception of which the enemy will no longer have the necessary means.

Military engineers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, the newspaper writes, citing Chinese sources, announced that they had completed computer simulations and achieved positive results using the new tactics. Its meaning is that a ballistic missile is launched at the enemy, which, having gone into space, launches three or more small devices. They pick up signals from the enemy radar network and send out false signals of an incoming attack, forcing the attacker to use their anti-missile defense system to destroy decoys. Since the power of missile defense systems has its limits, it is possible to “punish” the enemy with real missiles that he cannot shoot down.

A “ghost” nuclear attack is capable of triggering a very real and aggressive nuclear response. This, of course, increases the risks of a global nuclear conflict. But for the Chinese, the experts explain, this is an attractive alternative technology in which they have invested heavily. Since China’s nuclear arsenals are much smaller than those of the United States and Russia, Beijing’s effective imitation of a missile attack from space can “smooth” this difference. Which, of course, creates great difficulties for a potential adversary: ​​aren’t we hitting sparrows with our missiles?


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