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Friday, February 3, 2023
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Christmas Lottery: Which motorhome to buy if you get the second prize

Date: February 3, 2023 Time: 14:09:57

This Thursday, December 22, tenth or second prize in the Extraordinary Christmas Draw, with 125,000 euros per tenth. The illusion of ending the year with a check in hand helps fire the imagination of all those who have fallen for buying a ticket or sharing happiness with a series or participation.

Those who have been lucky enough to win on other occasions, even if it was a pinch, agreed on the answer to the question: What do you plan to do with the money if it touches you? Cover up holes, travel, set up your own business, buy a car or take the opportunity to finally buy a house; quite coherent ideas in an economic context in which few people get comfortable at the end of the month.

However, there is always someone who breaks the norm and finds a crazy way to invest the prize. This year the interest in motorhomes has grown resoundingly, but not to what we all imagine. The time of traveling in a caravan has passed, now they are reformed to make them habitable.

The best motorhomes to invest the second prize

With soaring home prices in mind and growing demand from young people looking to become independent without sharing tiny flats, the caravan business is booming because of its reasonable price and the feeling of freedom that comes with living on wheels.

The complicated processes to obtain financing, not to mention the maze of paperwork and requirements that must be passed to obtain a mortgage, has prompted more than one to rethink their way of life and go live in a caravan as it is the most attractive option. for mileuristas without being forced to sacrifice their lifestyle to build a home.

Caravans, the alternative to a lifetime mortgage

The prices of the caravans are an incredibly cheap option if we compare it with buying a home in any Spanish city, and if we risk trying to find a flat in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​​​we can end up with a tachycardia similar to the one we suffer after drinking coffees ten.

Although the cheapest caravans reach only 10 square meters, if you have the patience to search, compare and haggle you can get 20 square meters for a privileged price. A new Hobby Maxia 495 UL can cost you only 33,850 euros gross. It includes a kitchen, two beds, a bathroom with a shower and even has a small living room with an armchair and a table. Keep in mind that the caravans need to be towed, so the price should include a vehicle, as long as your idea is to travel around the country and not stay parked.

If we do a quick search in the idealista, the 20 square meter flats in Madrid exceed 100,000 euros. Most of the floors that are found do not have an elevator and, being semi-basements or basements, they do not have windows. These apartments are not even listed as such: legally they are premises with a habitability permit. Given this perspective, living in a caravan or motorhome does not seem at all a bad idea.

Which motorhome best suits my needs?

If we choose to buy a motorhome (which, unlike a caravan, includes the motor to be able to move) we find a rather seductive prospect. We have the following purchase options:

CAMPER: Among the advantages, its easy maneuverability to access difficult areas stands out, however the space is reduced and the bathroom does not include a shower. The price is around €45,000-50,000VANS: maneuverability although tight storage space and a small kitchen area, for €45,000-50,000.PROFILE: Improved aerodynamics and has a larger interior space, although the bed folds inside when it is open. From €60,000-70,000 CAPUCHINA: it has a large and comfortable bed and a lounge that is always in use. Comfortable and large bed in hood. Among the drawbacks is its great height that makes it more sensitive to the wind. From €50,000-55,000 INTEGRAL: the most livable due to its versatile space. It is also the one with the most habitability. The only drawbacks are its wide width (difficult to park) and awkward access to the cabin. Its price is about €65,000.

We’ve already seen that as prices go up, comfort goes up, which can be a real bummer if you’re used to living in a house. However, everything is adequate and rethink what lifestyle you want to lead: if yours is the countryside, don’t think about mortgages and invest your savings in a home that you can take with you everywhere. There are those who say that a home is not achieved only with a house, a home is that place, where they have a limited space, but it is only one step away from all the places they have always dreamed of visiting. In addition, the approximate cost of living in a motorhome does not exceed 300 euros, when according to Idealista.com the rent in Madrid for a 20-square-meter home exceeds 1,000 euros per month.

In case this motorhome thing still does not convince you, think that although the initial payment may seem high, the initial expenses can be offset by the energy savings of the solar panels, whose assembly is so difficult at home but much easier the roof of your new home. For dreamers, even if you don’t get the Christmas jackpot this December 22, know that there are 12 more prizes with which you can buy a motorhome without having to use your savings account.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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