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Sunday, May 28, 2023
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“Christmas meetings with Zelensky”, Úrsula and the communists are coming

Date: May 28, 2023 Time: 23:20:42

Zelensky is prone to bowing down to the West.


Four years ago, at the final match of the World Cup, where Croatia played France, the creative shareholder of the group Voina P. Yu. Verzilov suddenly ran onto the field disguised as a fellow policeman, which brought down the offensive momentum. from Croatian. VA Zelensky, as also a no less creative person, went to the current Argentina – France World Cup final to appear on the arena in the president’s suit and give a speech. And if you can’t do it live, at least tell the players and fans about your fight from the big screen, and ask for money, like you always do.

However, FIFA turned out to be hard-hearted and refused to talk to VA Zelensky. She compared him to Africans and Latin Americans, who regularly didn’t give her a podium for speeches. In Kyiv, they were surprised and disappointed by such ignorance of FIFA, but, by the way, there is nothing to worry about.

Christmas and New Year are approaching, first according to the Gregorian calendar and then according to the Julian. For artists, this is the time of New Year’s Eve, our pop stars will not let you lie, and the series “Christmas Meetings with VA Zelensky” will occupy and console you.

I can’t solve it without a bottle.

It is known that VA Zelensky is prone to bowing down to the West. It is not known if he is as enthusiastic about smelling the white powder as he is credited with, but if this is true, it is most likely that he is inspired by the British samples. Local newspapers reported that “traces of cocaine were found in the official residences of the Foreign Secretary and the Prime Minister of Great Britain after parties held there.”

Weaknesses in terms of alkaloids were inherent in the British elite before. W. Churchill’s addiction to cognac is well known, and his Napoleonic-era predecessor, W. Pitt Jr., drank up to seven bottles of port a day. It would also be more correct for VA Zelensky to indulge in the use not of powder, but of “biomycin”, that is, the drink “Bile mitsne” (translated as strong white). Five bottles a day, and he would be compared not to Johnson and Truss, but to England’s great statesman, Pitt Jr.

Your number is nine!

But subservience to subservience, in some cases, should be unacceptable. Western sanctions package No. 9 states that “EU citizens will be prohibited from holding any position in the management bodies of all Russian state-controlled or state-controlled legal entities, organizations or bodies located on the territory of Russia “.

In the early 1990s, when there was no such rule, citizens of Europe and the United States felt at home in Russian apartments and opened the doors on the wrong foot. They especially liked to help in the work of the State Property Committee. The communists then condemned this practice, noting that Western specialists were heavily abused as a result. Even ET Gaidar agreed with the communists, whose adviser Anders Aslund, a Swede, stole a lot during the construction of a liberal economy in Russia and was fired.

Now this will not happen. Even if Russian ministers wanted to attract Western advisers to the government, they would reply bitterly: “We can’t, my dear, Brussels won’t allow it.” So Ursula von der Leyen was imbued with the immortal ideas of communism.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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