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Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Cobweb trenches, destroyed neighborhoods and atrocities of the Ukrainian Nazis: how the battles unfold in the suburbs of Donetsk

Date: June 19, 2024 Time: 13:17:53

Bandera clung to a foreign land for them

Since March last year, the Russian military has been trying to dislodge the Ukrainian Armed Forces from Donetsk. Fights in the suburbs continue daily – artillery and aviation are working. But Bandera clung to a land alien to them: behind one line of fortified areas they built another, then a third. I managed to find time between battles and talk with the deputy commander of the attack aircraft platoon of the Donetsk “weaving” with the call sign “Grek”, which has been storming this Marinka “fortification” for many years.


– We could take Marinka in the summer of 2015. We got to the school, to the administration of your district, let’s consider half the city. If they had gone further, they would have fled. But then there was another order, they probably wanted to settle the issue amicably.

– Why do you have that call sign – “Greek”?

– I have Mariupol roots. There were collective farms nearby, where the Greeks lived. My relatives are buried there, I want to go to the cemetery somehow.

– Did you go to serve voluntarily or were you called?

– I am a volunteer, but I am considered mobilized. Now they want to transfer everyone to the contract. But I don’t want to have a military career. Although I don’t refuse to fight, I do my job.

– Do they pay a normal salary?

– I am deputy platoon commander – I get 191 thousand, and contract soldiers have an ordinary soldier – 204 thousand. It’s profitable, but I don’t want to be bound by a contract.

– What is happening in Maryinka now?

– Slowly, but we are advancing. Can you imagine, I haven’t seen my brother in 15 years, and do you know where I met him? He is in Akhmat now! They have just entered Maryinka. So I thought of transferring to them.

– What’s stopping you?

– I have a family, two granddaughters. Mine, as she heard, says: “Sit where you sit!” Akhmat can be transferred to another place at any time. And I have been in Maryinka since the first days, since 2014. And I have one joy: sometimes I have time to call home.

We could have taken Marinka in the summer of 2015.


– Why is the assault so hard?

– Yes, many problems. Drones don’t give rest. Now we have positional battles, we entrench ourselves. We are moving a little along Marinka, and Krasnogorovka has not yet been stormed.

– Have you been through a lot?

– 70-80%. But here is the difficulty: since they took the neighborhood, there is no place to live in it, there is nowhere to establish a foothold. Store only basements. Yes, and it is dangerous to stay there – they have all the points.

– Is it true that Ukrainians do not take their dead?

– They get the Nazis. And the mobilized are abandoned, nobody needs them. Sometimes a “Sonderkommando” comes, collects corpses (usually they are fined, sent to clean up). And often they do not take it away, they doused it with diesel fuel, set it on fire and that’s it, it disappeared, no compensation is due to the family.

Now there are positional battles

– Do you take the bodies of enemies if no one came for them?

– We fold and sprinkle with earth. Otherwise, in the heat, the carcass begins to swell.

– It happens that they tell you: in such and such a section a brother or friend died, can you help get him out?

– Happens. If possible, we will get it. But it happens that the Nazis do what: they kill or wound one, and then wait for them to come for it. Once we pulled out a wounded man, and the “eyes” of him (observer-ed.) Were in the elevator. They covered us with mortars. So instead of one 300, it turned out nine.

– How do you assess our losses in Maryinka?

– Every round is a loss. But lately it has become easier – the artillery hits excellently, the delivery of shells has improved, there is more experience.

Photo: screenshot from the video


– Are there civilians in Marinka?

– In that year they were. I personally saw three yards. In November, we withdrew three civilians, so one “dill” surrendered with them. He says that in this family he hid from his family for 8 months. He himself is from the Lugansk region, from the urban-type settlement Happiness, he wants to go home. And there the Right Sector was furious (the organization is prohibited in Russia-ed.), He saw everything. I say: well, if you were not a member of the national battalions, you will live.

– What did he say?

– That they have a dozen Nazis in each battalion watching the rest. If someone says an extra word, he will disappear and not be found. I asked: “Do you really have these punitive battalions after you?” He says: “Yes. If you start walking away, they’ll slap yours.”

– Do Ukrainians often surrender in captivity?

– We do not burn with the desire to take prisoners. And we ourselves do not give up, we fight to the death.

– Do you know ours, who were captured?

– In 2014, Kiryukha was with me. We went to the airport for reconnaissance and they caught us. The boy was still lucky, they kept him for a month and a half, then they exchanged him. And his battalion commander’s teeth were cut off with a grinder, his fingers were cut off. A month and a half of captivity was enough for them.

– Kiryukha fought again?

– Yes, an officer. They say it’s okay.

– Have you personally encountered atrocities from the National Battalions?

– Hear ear. But I didn’t see it. Although, who you can’t catch, they are all drivers, cooks, and one says: “I’m from the medical unit.” I tell him: “Name ten antibiotics.” Look, I swam.


– There were moments when I thought – well, that’s it, the end of me?

– When you hit close during a fight, you don’t pay attention. And then I sat down, relaxed, and you think: God saved me. The older I get, the more I think about it. Here is my icon: Nicholas the Wonderworker. My armor is my girls who pray for me: my wife, daughter, granddaughters, mother-in-law, mother. It is necessary to strangle the evil spirits so that my grandchildren do not see it.

– Can you call home?

– Airplane mode on your phone is always on. If you need to call, 5-6 minutes “alive and well”, and that’s it.

– Don’t they take away their cell phones? Are there systems that supposedly see even turned off phones?

– Everyone already knows that we are standing here, and they are there. When you go on a mission, you don’t take your phone or documents with you. If something happens, it will happen, every day you spin Russian roulette on Marinka.


– What will happen when Maryinka is completely taken over?

– The assault on Krasnogorovka will begin: the entire supply of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Avdeevskoye direction passes through it.

– How much more time do you need?

– We started raiding last March. It took more than a year, and counting, after Maryinka: Georgievka, Maksimilyanovka, Kurakhovo.

– They say that they are all one grandiose fortified area, everything is concreted, underground. Supposedly, the tanks come out of the ground, shoot and move back.

– In Krasnogorovka, this is possible: there are mines, you can move along their shafts. Their shelters are civilian: 4G modems, the Internet, washing machines are installed. And they don’t have sentries at their posts: there are cameras everywhere. They are well equipped with technology. For 8 years they have built serious lines of defense. Pieces 3-4 are still there. When we lift the helicopter into the air, you can see how many trenches they have dug, like a spider web. You don’t know where they will come from.


– Where is the most hellish place? Marinca?

-Marinka. More Avdiivka. But I – thank God! – wasn’t there.

– People still live in Avdiivka, more than one and a half thousand of them went this spring.

– Ukrainians do not take them out on purpose so that they are instead of a shield. They know as long as the locals are there, we won’t hit hard.

– What is the worst for you?

– When young people go to the storm, but not all return. And you need to get their bodies. And I worry a lot, do you know why? So that there will be no truce again, to give the enemies a break. I have to add the shit.

And this spring we entered the boarding school area and in the basement of one of the buildings we found a military field hospital – operating rooms with the latest technology, nitrogen cylinders, medical containers, medicines… But they alerted me that there were No recovery rooms. Where did they keep the wounded? And the roads around were dug up, you can’t get the heavy ones out. We collected medicines, we were delighted, we thought they would be useful. And when they showed them to the doctors, they were so puzzled that they turned out to be immunostimulants to sustain life during operations, and preservatives for organ transport. Nitrogen – for freezing and containers for the same. That is, in this basement they dismantled their wounded for spare parts. On sale. Scary.

– What do you trust?

– First of all, my “baballion” supports me. I am afraid for them, I know that they are coming to Donetsk, and my soul aches. In 2014, they abandoned the shelling in Kharkov. The wife came back first. Then the daughter says: “Why am I going to sit there?” They’re back and they’re not going anywhere. It scares them, of course. Once every ten days they let me go to see my family (depending on the operational situation). The children were not at home for 8-9 months. And I have everything here. I fight, almost without leaving my city.


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