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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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Companies ‘sign’ workers over 50 to gain stability

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 12:32:14

Labor law firms have begun to identify a trend in the labor market: the commitment of many companies to profiles over 50 years of age to provide stability to their workforces. Many experts already suggest that the American phenomenon of great transmission has occurred in Spain in the form of great rotation. Young profiles have found in company changes the formula to improve their working conditions, so sometimes they will only stay a few months in each company. Human resources departments have begun to notice this pattern of behavior and sometimes modify their hiring guidelines in order to retain the talent they form within the company.

“Lately, the trend among junior profiles is to bet on those companies that offer better conditions and professional projection. time that this entails”, acknowledges Alejandra Gútiez, labor lawyer partner of AE Abogados to La Información. “It does not seem unreasonable that the company’s tendency is to redirect the recruitment of talent to senior profiles,” he admits, while pointing out that these workers, in addition to having more experience in general, seek job stability due to the great role who play the last years of contribution in their retirement conditions.

The latest study carried out by LinkedIn also reflects this mobility of the youngest, almost 7 out of 10 workers (68%) between the ages of 18 and 24 were willing to leave their job for another that was more convenient for them. This proportion is 14 points higher than the average for Spanish professionals, while it gains a distance of 38 percentage points with respect to workers who are over 55 years of age. The main social network focused on employment also showed that many of these professionals had opted to invest in the development and recycling of their professional skills, as explained by the general director of LinkedIn Spain and Portugal, Ángel Sáenz de Cenzano, in the presentation of the survey. .

At the Adecco Foundation they have also noticed an increase in interest and motivation to care for senior talent as part of the debate to pursue diversity, equity and inclusion within companies. In conversation with this outlet, he acknowledges that there is increasing pressure at the managerial level to meet these standards, while the challenge of the aging labor market makes it unfeasible to underestimate the talent of professionals in this age group. At the moment, the hiring data does not reflect a strong change in the incorporations of these profiles, although in the last year there has been a drop in the number of unemployed people over 55 years of age, according to EPA data.

In the 50s they seek stable commitments

From the Swiss-based human resources company, they also emphasize that workers who are in this vital stage tend to want to assume stable commitments, which is very valuable for companies. In addition, they highlight the prudence that seniors usually have in the face of the impulsiveness of younger ones, the experience in decision-making and the ability to contribute to training. At the Adecco Foundation they advocate ending the stereotype that people learn at a certain age and worse by continuing to promote the productivity and sustainability of companies. Thus, he understands that ‘lifelong learning’ is essential for any company, since its viability is linked to the skills of its workforce.

For this reason, beyond business intentions, the experts consulted agree that the structure of the population pyramid makes it necessary for companies to accommodate these professionals and make an effort to expand their training if necessary. The broad generation of ‘babyboomers’ who began to retire in the next decade has also been enlarged compared to previous ones due to the progressive incorporation of women into the labor market after the transition, as highlighted by the researcher associated with Fedea, Florentino happy.

Although, the labor lawyer considers that these are also responsible for stopping the flight of young talent through the policies developed in terms of human resources. “To the extent that there is no motivational and incentive plan within the company, it is very likely that its workers may end up seeing their job promotion stagnant, consequently valuing other more satisfactory options,” she concludes. The latest generations that have entered the labor market, especially those known as ‘Gen Z’, formulate new demands such as flexibility and teleworking to which the productive fabric will also be forced to respond in the medium term.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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