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Saturday, June 10, 2023
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Concerts of the week: Simple Music Ensemble, “Fruits”, Kramer, “TenorA of the 21st century” – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: June 10, 2023 Time: 14:18:04

Who plays: Simple Music Ensemble.

What’s playing: Music from the anime.

Why Go: Japanese anime classic Hayao Miyazaki managed to do something incredible: give hand-drawn facial expressions a more vivid and lifelike mood than cinematic ones, to fill the two-dimensionality of cartoons with love, sadness, and anxiety genuine. The music of these masterpieces deserves special attention, which will be performed at the Planetarium by virtuosos from the Simple Music Ensemble. A multimedia show with a video projection of the hidden corners of the universe will unite “Naruto”, “Totoro”, “Death Note” and other sagas, complementing the musical creations of the anime universe.

Where, when, how much: Moscow Planetarium; January 28; 3500 – 6000 rubles

Photo: IP Zharikova Elena Alexandrovna

Who plays: Group “Frukty”.

What he plays: Pop, rock, soul.

Why go: Sensual Umbrella, assertive Personal Jesus, incendiary Sweet Dreams and other pop and rock diamonds shine in new facets: the country’s most famous cover band “Frukty” performs covers of world hits that are sometimes more interesting than The originals. But the St. Petersburg group is famous not only for covers, but also has its own songs with a pronounced individuality. Tasting these juicy fruits in a relaxed club stop is well worth it.

Where, when, how much: Club “16 tons”; January 29; 1200 – 2500 rubles

Photo: Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Who plays: Daniel Kramer Trio.

What he plays: Jazz improvisations.

Why go: European Award Winner. Gustav Mahler, the pianist Daniil Kramer knows how to find his own story in the sounds of jazz and then tell it to the public. Beautiful sound, well-balanced timbres, meticulous detail are just outward signs. Kramer’s main talent is a non-banal reading of jazz “standards”. What he, along with his trio, will teach everyone in the Great Hall of the Conservatory.

Where, when, how much: The Great Hall of the Conservatory; January 28; 300 – 2000 rubles

Photo: Belcanto Foundation

Who is playing: Moscow State Chapel named after Vadim Sudakov (conductor Anatoly Sudakov).

What plays: Andrew Lloyd Webber – excerpts from the musicals “Cats”, “Jesus Christ Superstar”, “Phantom of the Opera”.

Why Go: You could go on and on about why Andrew Lloyd Webber, the “Dad Carlo” of the modern musical, will be forever remembered in music history. Despite formally belonging to the light genre, the works of this composer are true heavyweights. For decades they have not disappeared from the repertoire of theaters and musical groups, attracting more and more listeners. At a concert in an old Gothic cathedral, the Moscow State Chapel named after Vadim Sudakov, with the help of melodies from The Phantom of the Opera, Cats and Jesus Christ Superstar, we will prove that the musical genre is not alien to our listeners. .

Where, when, how much: St. Andrew’s Anglican Cathedral; January 27th; 2200 – 3400 rubles

Photo: “Russian Philharmonic”

Who plays: Moscow Symphony Orchestra “Russian Philharmonic” (conductor Sergey Tararin) and “TenorA of the XXI century” art project.

Playing: Love Songs.

Why go: The Russian Philharmonic Orchestra and the 21st Century Tenor Art Project will take the opportunity to congratulate all of Tatyana on her name day at the Moscow International House of Music. They will perform “First Love Song”, “Swan Fidelity”, “Melody”, “Beauty Queen”, “These Opposite Eyes” and many other musical love stories. Participants in the art project “TenorA of the XXI century”, soloists of the Bolshoi Theater, MAMT, “New Opera” and Leipzig Opera, owners of not only beautiful voices, but also a fiery temperament. And do not doubt it: in his interpretation of love songs, even a cast-iron statue will make himself believe in this wonderful feeling.

Where, when, how much: Moscow International House of Music; on January 25; 2000 – 5000 rubles

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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