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Wednesday, March 22, 2023
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“Conscious, constantly jumping, restless”: a doctor from Kommunarka spoke about Kostomarov’s condition after amputation and coma

Date: March 22, 2023 Time: 22:31:49

Olympic champion, two-time world champion in figure skating Roman Kostomarov.

Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Roman Kostomarov came to his senses after a drug-induced coma. The Olympic champion is conscious, he is constantly injected with sedatives. Doctors assess the athlete’s condition as serious, but stable. The skater has been in the capital’s hospital in Kommunarka for 52 days. The doctors are doing everything they can to save his life.

“Roman is now conscious, he has already been taken off the ventilator,” a source in Kommunarka told Prozvezd.info. – He is not under massive sedation, he is periodically injected with pofol (a drug for intravenous anesthesia-author’s note) to relieve pain and sedation. Roman is constantly jumping around, restless, so he is given a pofol. So far, no new surgeries are planned. His condition is stable.

According to the doctor, his wife, figure skater Oksana Domnina, is constantly next to Roman.

“She has now been dressed in a nurse’s uniform so as not to attract too much attention,” the source said.

Roman suffered several amputations. Due to developed gangrene, his feet and fingers were removed. Another source in Kommunarka told TASS that doctors fear about the condition of the skater’s left hand. The blood supply to the hand has deteriorated and doctors are doing everything they can to prevent another amputation.

“He is slowly coming out of a drug-induced coma, waking up gradually. This is not a quick process. According to other indicators, at this time it is normal, but the doctors are closely monitoring the left hand; there are certain questions about it, ”said the doctor.

Roman Kostomarov with his wife Oksana Domnina.


The Olympic figure skating champion entered intensive care on January 10. During the New Year holidays, Roman performed in the show The Wizard of Oz by Ilya Averbukh. Part of the performances took place outdoors, in the cold. They said that Roman was already feeling bad at that time, but she continued to work on the performances. As a result, the athlete launched the disease. She was admitted to the hospital with severe pneumonia: lung damage was 75%.

Doctors immediately put Kostomarov on a ventilator and then an ECMO machine to artificially saturate his blood with oxygen. The athlete’s condition was so serious that he developed sepsis, blood poisoning. He started the death of the limbs. Doctors to the last tried to save his legs, but amputation was inevitable.

After the operation, Roman lost consciousness of what was happening, was delirious, constantly trying to get up and leave the ward. To reduce the load on the body, the doctors decided to again introduce Kostomarov into an artificial coma. His condition began to deteriorate: Román suffered a microstroke.

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