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Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Contracted military and volunteers from Moscow can count on the same support measures as mobilized ones – Sobyanin

Date: April 1, 2023 Time: 17:50:34

A new mayoral decree has been published on the city government website

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

After the president’s message to the Federal Assembly, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced a decree on his telegram channel aimed at supporting NWO members and their families. A little later, in a personal blog, the head of the capital published the text of the document itself and described in the post the essence of targeted support measures. Previously existing benefits for the mobilized and their families were made available to volunteers and contract servicemen from Moscow.

So the monthly allowance for children can be received in a simplified way. Schoolchildren from the families of the military participating in the special operation will receive free hot meals, as well as additional education in circles and sections subordinate to Moscow and local governments. In addition, all family members can count on free psychological assistance and legal advice.

We publish the full text of Sergei Sobyanin’s publication “On supporting the families of participants in the NWO.”

“Thousands of Muscovites are fighting side by side with their comrades from other regions in the ranks of the Russian army.

In order for them to be calm for their rear, it is our duty to surround their families with the utmost care and attention. Help with work, with the education of children and with the care of elderly relatives. Provide psychological and legal support.

Last September, after the announcement of partial mobilization, we approved a package of social support measures for relatives of mobilized Muscovites.

Today, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin announced the decision to form common approaches to the material support of all participants in the NWO, regardless of their status: mobilized, contract soldiers or volunteers.

The approach to helping their families should also be the same. Therefore, I signed a decree that extends the social support measures to the families of the contracted and volunteer soldiers who participate in the Special Military Operation.

Like the families of those mobilized, they will be able to receive:

1. For children:

Monthly allowance for children in the amount of 100% of the child’s subsistence level and a one-time allowance for young parents – in a simplified way: without assessing the level of security of the family’s property, without taking into account family income, without evaluate the amounts in bank accounts;

extraordinary enrollment in kindergartens upon reaching 1.5 years;

extraordinary transfer to another kindergarten or school close to the place of residence of the family;

exemption from payment of visiting municipal and city kindergartens;

provision of free hot meals in two courses (breakfast, lunch) to schoolchildren from grades 1 to 11;

provide one-time free hot meals (lunch) to city college students;

priority enrollment in extended day groups of schoolchildren from 1st to 6th grade, as well as exemption from payment of extended days;

exemption from payment of classes in circles and sections of additional education in schools and institutions of additional education subordinate to the executive authorities of the city of Moscow and local governments.

2. For elderly, disabled relatives and disabled children:

provide families in need with the upbringing of children with disabilities, senior citizens, people with disabilities of groups I and II of social services at home, regardless of the composition and regardless of the level of family income;

priority referral to veterans’ homes and other stationary social service institutions, regardless of family composition.

3. For spouses and children of working age:

organization of professional training and further professional education;

help finding work.

4. For all family members:

provision of psychological assistance;

assistance in the processing of social and other payments, social support measures to which the family is entitled;

Legal advice”.

On February 21, Vladimir Putin addressed the Federal Assembly. The performance took place at the Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. The President paid special attention to the issue of holding the NWO. Earlier, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov reported that preparations for the message had been underway for a long time. The head of state has repeatedly contacted deputy prime ministers, ministers and heads of key departments to clarify important points. The message itself lasted almost two hours. This is one of the longest appeals. In addition to the topic of SVO, the president spoke about family values, the implementation of national projects, the economy, and called on companies to invest in Russia (https://www.kp.ru/daily/27468/4724236/)

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