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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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Copy of Dad: Kristina Asmus Came to the Premiere of the Film With Her Daughter From Garik Kharlamov

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 22:56:15

The premiere of the film Artek. Big Adventure took place on April 28th. The family comedy, directed by Karen Zakharov and Armen Ananikyan, opened on that date, and it kicked off the new season at BK-1 Cinemaxx. With the main roles played by Mikhail Galustyan, Lyudmila Artemyeva, and Vitaly Bezrukov, there is a big cast of actors and actresses in this hilarious movie.

Christina Asmus brought her eight-year-old daughter Nastya to the movie premiere. The “Text” star’s daughter has grown up a lot lately and, like her father, has become more like her mother, taking after him in your family. Christina came to the premiere with her daughter Nastya.

Recently, Christina spoke on social networks about her daughter’s amazing talents, as well as the future she has in front of her. Asmus shared a link to a video where she can be seen passionately preparing pasta with tomato sauce in their kitchen. Another talent from the girl is how well she does at hairdressing.

My daughter asked for a curling iron and made her own waves. In my opinion, soon I won’t need hairdressers down the road, mine is growing! ” Happened to walk into Nastya at Target in what was modeled as 90s funky hair.

The heir to the star of “Text” has grown up a lot lately and has become even more like her father, who is part of the “Comedy Club.”

Along with his wife and children, lead actor Mikhail Galustyan also attended the Premiere Event. The showman was accompanied by his family on the red carpet.

Sergei Zhukov is a musician who grew up with music and has been performing for three decades. In 2013 he became a member of the Russian Government, listening to the words of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who just happened to be his idol.

The star of the series, “Sasha and Masha,” Elena Biryukova was released at her daughter’s marriage. The actor is married to director Alexei Litvin, who appears with all his children when he’s not working. Elena often appears with her daughter on movie premieres.

The comedy series “Artek. The Great Journey” revisits the magical world of childhood by revealing what happened after an enchanted tree sent its heroes back 30 years in time. The heroes of the show – Romka, Yarik, Nicoletta, and Elisha – each did their own thing at the magic tree when it transported them to 1988. They met their parents while they were on their way to finding their way back to the future, but now they need to make friends with them as well and adapt their own personal stories together.

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