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Monday, March 4, 2024
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Correos announces an “unprecedented” contract to reinforce itself before 23-J

Date: March 4, 2024 Time: 05:37:36

Voting by mail is shaping up to be the great revelation of the next general elections on July 23, regardless of participation. Correos reported a few days ago that it was going to formalize the incorporation of 5,500 people due to the electoral process and justified it in that it coincided with the staff vacations. However, this Wednesday the public company has announced in a statement that it will proceed to “an unprecedented contracting” to guarantee that this appointment with the polls will take place with all the guarantees. On this occasion, the public operator will not give a specific number until June 9, the day his staff has to communicate their vacations. Parallel to the first announcement, the CSIF union, which is the majority among civil servants, estimated the necessary reinforcement for the coming weeks at 10,000 people and in Comisiones Obreras they estimated that on 23-J there will be more than two million requests to vote by mail.

In any case, from Correos, they have guaranteed that they will comply with all their public service obligations entrusted to them, such as electoral processes, as they are the operator designated by the State to provide the so-called Universal Postal Service. “The management of voting by mail includes the admission of applications (by electronic means or in person), their delivery in the provincial delegations of the Electoral Census Office, the hand delivery of the electoral documentation sent by the Census to the applicants, as well as the admission of voting by mail and its custody until it is delivered during election day at the corresponding polling stations,” they explain.

In the same way, they have recalled from the Post Office that they will also be responsible for the distribution of census cards and electoral propaganda shipments. In addition to the communications of the members of the Electoral Tables, the sending to the Town Halls of the census list, the collection of documentation on election day, etc.

Extension of schedules and strengthening of the previous appointment

The announced incorporations will be aimed at reinforcing customer service in its 2,389 branches, as well as strengthening its distribution network. Something that will occur especially in tourist areas. There will also be changes in the opening hours from next July 3, either by extending their hours or with extraordinary openings on non-working days. What will depend on the needs that are detected.

In the same way, the door is also opened to enable exclusive counters for the entire vote-by-mail process and, the public company has pointed out that they have 533 PDAs available to expedite all attention in the lobbies of the offices with the greatest influx.

In parallel, Correos also wants to strengthen the appointment system that is already working in 503 offices throughout the country. In addition, where necessary, an option will be activated in the shift manager for “Vote by mail”, in order to prioritize these efforts and expedite all attention to the public.

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Puck Henry
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