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Monday, June 5, 2023
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Courtesans in Davos, Posner, Maxim, Lucy and Antonina

Date: June 5, 2023 Time: 16:23:11

Chinese artist Kong Ning demonstrated the “Energy of Love” art installation during the WEF in Davos.


The Davos Assembly of the World Backstage and Backstage, founded by the then young Dr. Klaus Schwab in 1971, is now in its sixth decade. In principle, age still active and fruitful. But everything turned out sad with the Davos forum. It is not that “Where there is a table of food, there is a coffin” -it would be premature to say it- but traces of decomposition appear.

Neither the propagandist of an open society, George Soros, came, arguing that he was busy (in Freemasonry, people who had lost contact with the party organization were called “sleeping brothers”), nor the founder of the meeting , Herr Schwab. Of the (relatively) important people, only Ursula von der Leyen and Olaf Scholz were the only ones, the rest of the authorities were wrong.

However, a replacement has been found. A large number of courtesans, now called escorts, arrived at the mountain resort. They even offer pricing plans. For a while, from 700 euros, for one night from 2,300. So, at the entrance to the coffin, the young woman began to risk her life. It is even more understandable why Soros (92) and Dr. Schwab (84) did not come.

However, in other cases, age is not an impediment. VV Pozner, 88, who had not acted on Channel 1 for a year, changed roles for him and appeared in Los Angeles. There he sings songs, and the artist LI Yarmolnik listens to him with pleasure. Claims to Posner, of course, cannot be. He announced a long time ago that he along with the Russian he also has American and French citizenship, and why he was not going to sing songs in his second homeland. If he then goes to Paris and the Marseillaise breaks out there, this will not raise any doubts either: he has every right.

New flaws have been discovered in the FRG’s arsenals.

Photo: Ekaterina MARTINOVICH

Meanwhile, new flaws are discovered in the FRG’s arsenals. Everyone knows the vicissitudes of the leopard machy. Kyiv, as well as Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, resolutely demand Berlin’s Leopard-2 tanks: “Give me, e..m..!”, while the federal government moans and cries, cries and moans. But it turns out that even with lighter weapons there is a whole seam. According to the Bundeswehr’s quarterly report, the MG-3 and MG-5 heavy machine guns are in a rather deplorable state, especially their carriages. This is probably why Kyiv does not require immediate deliveries of machine guns.

It should be noted that in the USSR in the 30s things were much better with machine guns. There is an apocrypha according to which Marshal SM Budyonny, who had a “Maxim machine gun” at his dacha, had been in oil since the age of 19, together with his batman Eropka, successfully fired from a machine gun at the Chekists who had come. to arrest him. Then Comrade Stalin remarked to him: “Semyon, hand over the machine gun after all.” The marshal summed up: “I passed. And I have three more machine guns of the Maxim system at my dacha, in oil since the 19th year.” This is who the German Defense Ministry should take as an example.

However, Kyiv is now going through a difficult time. In addition to the difficulties with leopards, there are also problems with information work. A former adviser to the presidential office, AN Arestovich (call sign “Lyusya”), has now turned out to be an exposed enemy of Ukraine. The head of the “peacemaker”, that is, the base for capturing enemies, A. Yu. Gerashchenko (call sign “Antonina”) noted such acts of Lucy: “Carrying out sabotage of public information. Participation in acts of humanitarian aggression against Ukraine.” Conscious participation in activities that undermine Ukraine’s defense capability by demoralizing the Ukrainian armed forces.”

However, Antonina admits to an inaccuracy. In the USSR in the 60-70s. there was a stable expression “ideological sabotage” – and it should be followed, since “information sabotage” is not canonical and it is generally not clear what.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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