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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Coworking takes advantage in Spain given the preference for “flexible work”

Date: July 18, 2024 Time: 15:04:17

After the pandemic, teleworking has become a very common activity among companies. The rise in the rental price of all types of buildings, the preference on the part of Spaniards for teleworking or the options to do work from a different space and with unknown people, have become the main reasons why Companies have changed their way of working. The ‘Labor expectations of employees and companies 2022’ report “certifies that 90% of Spaniards prefer a flexible work model”. Also, advances in technology can be added to this list of reasons that have probably forced some entities to make these radical changes, and go from the traditional to the most technological and modern.

For this reason, working from home or sharing space are some of the decisions that companies have made over the years, both to save that monthly money and to obtain a profitable and efficient job like the one they regularly carry out for years. In these cases, companies have chosen to approach new methods, such as ‘coworking’, understood as a collaborative space made up of different offices, and which some companies use as a workplace for their employees to carry out their daily tasks. according to the schedule provided by the companies. In the words of Gabriel Espín, CEO of Aticco Workspaces “to offer flexible workspaces that can be adapted to the structural needs of professionals and companies”. In addition to being one of the most innovative and current forms of work that certain societies have experienced as a solution to make their personal and family life more flexible.

But this new format entails other aspects that companies must also take into account to access this new style of work. This is the case of ‘networking’ or, what amounts to the same thing, establishing relationships with the rest of the workers, whether they are part of the company or not, to make a more pleasant environment, and to strengthen their contacts from the most professional sphere and also staff. From Aticco they reaffirm these statements, since the use of these meeting areas were used for work “they encourage mutual support among their members.”

“It is easy to imagine that each profile has different needs in terms of their workspace, which is why we are committed to flexibility” – Gabriel Espín, CEO of Aticco Workspaces

How does coworking really work?

Each collaborative space or ‘coworking’ can have different characteristics for renting these offices. In the case of Aticco Workspaces and as the CEO of the company explains to La Información “we have different plans that range from renting a job for one day, to hiring an office for a team or company for more than a year”. Therefore, it is also “flexible” for “a freelancer or digital nomad” who “is looking for a space to work for a couple of months in a professional environment”.

According to the data published by Aticco Workspaces, the forecast for Spain in relation to the growth of these workspaces or ‘coworking’ is quite good for the future. So much so that, as the CEO of Aticco affirms, “at the national level, this sector could very easily double the number of coworking spaces in the coming years.”

As contemplated in the study carried out by this company, two important areas of development for coworking must be highlighted. On the one hand, the “leisure and service offers”, since activities will be increased “to promote the creation of more solid communities”; and on the other hand, everything related to environmental actions, through “sustainable measures” such as “recycling” or “natural lighting”.

According to data provided by the project manager TeamStage, 72% of ‘coworking’ is profitable in two years. The shared office company grows supports this type of information because this model offers all kinds of services so that companies “do not have to worry about any management and can focus on their business,” according to Espín.

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