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Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Crimea to apply in 2023 to extend reimbursement for trips to children’s camps KXan 36 Daily News

Date: March 28, 2023 Time: 08:37:17

The Russian regions are still in no hurry to book places for the summer vacation in the Crimea. There is also a shortage of counselors this season, who traditionally come to the peninsula from the country’s pedagogical universities as part of student construction teams. Such a state of alert is associated, first of all, with difficult logistics: the repair of the automobile part of the Crimean bridge has been completed, but work on the railway part will begin in March and, according to forecasts, will end only in September. . , when the holiday season ends. The proximity of hostilities, fueled by the information agenda, also dominates Crimea.

Faced with this situation, the republic intends to ask for help from the federal budget. The extension of the children’s cash back program to 2023 can become an important support. Crimea will allocate 1.4 billion rubles of its own funds for children’s recreation this year. To fill all the places in the camps, you need the same amount. In addition, Crimea needs 5,900 councilors for the entire upcoming summer season. About 1,500 people will be sent to local universities to cover the remaining shortage of teaching staff, the republic will still have to ask for help from pedagogical institutes and universities in other Russian regions. To solve the problem of transport accessibility, at the request of the Crimean authorities, the Grand Service Express transport company will expand the route network of Tavria trains in the summer of 2023. Seven trains have been allocated throughout the year, 10 seasonal trains and three carriage groups without transfer to the Crimea for the Christmas season. Four trains will connect the cities of the peninsula with Moscow, two with Saint Petersburg and 11 with the regions of the Russian mainland.

“Five additional pairs of long-distance trains will be launched in May to increase passenger traffic to Crimea, including those to Ufa, Murmansk and Chelyabinsk,” said Albert Sadretdinov, a representative of Grand Service Express.

880 carriages will operate in the Crimean direction. The airline anticipates an increase in passenger traffic this year to 5.5 million people, of whom approximately 740,000 will be children.

Meanwhile, the cost of children’s recreation in the Crimea for the upcoming season is already known. In the budget segment, it will grow, but it won’t be exorbitant and it still compares favorably with commercial offerings. A ticket for 21 days to camps owned by the Republicans will amount to 36,000 rubles. For comparison, rest for the same period in private camps will cost 70-100 thousand rubles. By the way, this year for the first time parents can apply for a ticket to a children’s camp through the portal of State Services.

Experts point out that the organization of children’s recreation is one of the most regulated types of businesses. 21 organizations are required to control the process, and there are 16 inspections for a standard shift in a 21-day children’s camp. Last year, Rospotrebnadzor only checked children’s camps in Crimea 130 times. All this reduces the attractiveness of this type of business for investors. The leaders of the children’s camps themselves ask that the pressure of the financial press on them be reduced.

“This year, a new requirement appeared: we are obliged to install an alarm around the perimeter of the camps, and this is 11 million rubles,” said Lyudmila Ermakova, head of the Solnechnaya Tavrika association, which runs three health centers. for children. . – We owe a million rubles for the analysis of water from the well. Each spa pays separately for the study of the seabed, although they are all located on the same coastline. Separate payment for the training of sailors-rescuers. Why not at least make these Krymspas services free, as before?

In Crimea, they fear that if the republic’s tourism industry as a whole, and especially its children’s component, is not helped in a timely manner, many vacation spots may not open at all and will inevitably fall into decline, as already seen. has done. It happened with five children’s camps that ceased their main activities back in the Ukrainian period.

“For the second year, the vital industry for Crimea, resorts and tourism, has been under pressure,” said the head of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov. – We need to preserve the spas, places of recreation, support teams and avoid unemployment, so that people receive wages, the same recreation entities pay taxes to the budget. Therefore, the Crimean tourism industry now needs financial injections to support it.

Hansen Taylor
Hansen Taylor
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