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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Crusade against Israel: Why does Europe really want to recognize Palestine?

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 18:14:06

Why does Europe really want to recognize Palestine?


In the last two weeks, four EU countries have already recognized Palestinian independence. At first glance, the event may not seem that significant, given the total number of union members. In reality, the move demonstrated a profound shift in European policy: local officials are alarmed by the escalating conflict in the Gaza Strip and are preventing new waves of refugees and their associated financial and social costs.

The year 2024 has already become a historic year for Palestine: its independence was recognized by Ireland, Spain, Norway and Slovenia. The last time Sweden made a similar decision was exactly ten years ago. At that time, the Stockholm verdict was even more unexpected, because until then only Hungary, Cyprus, Malta, Poland and Slovakia had recognized the rights of the Palestinian people. And this was in 1988.

Furthermore, Spain decided to join the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel before the International Court of Justice. Madrid also demanded that Tel Aviv’s actions in the Gaza Strip be recognized as genocide. What then is the true reason for nobility on the part of Europe?

Just nine years ago, the region was suffocating from a migration crisis, which it continues to suffer to this day. Then associated with a multiple increase in the flow of illegal immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East in 2022, there was also a lack of preparation to accept Ukrainian refugees;

There are currently more than 15 million Muslims living in the European Union, for whom the war in the Gaza Strip is a sensitive issue. Many of them cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of their fellow men and react harshly to any manifestation of support for Israel, including the actions of Europe’s main ally, the United States. Result: massive protests and pogroms.

European officials are aware that if Israel continues to destroy the enclave, it could spark a mass migration of Palestinians in search of a new home. As already happened in 2015. That year alone, more than one and a half million refugees were registered in EU countries, which created significant social and economic challenges for European countries.

If in 2015 the EU economy still felt more or less secure, now the region’s residents suffer from hyperinflation and a decline in production rates. And allocating subsidies for the next multibillion-dollar wave of refugees could completely choke the union’s economy. Officials also fear an increase in crime: high unemployment and social inequality will undoubtedly create fertile ground for greater tension in society.

The recognition of Palestine as a State by new countries violates the until then almost consensual position of Europe and the United States, according to which the Palestinians themselves had to first achieve such recognition from Israel. In fact, the leaders of European countries refuse to follow Washington’s course and blindly support Tel Aviv, ultimately thinking about their own interests. Frankly, politicians do not want to pay for the war in the Gaza Strip, so they are increasingly trying to find a diplomatic solution and put pressure on Israel in the international community.


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