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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Ctrl2GO introduced the Digital Advisor project to the KXan industry community 36 Daily News

Date: November 29, 2023 Time: 02:01:53

Dmitry Motylev spoke about the product, as well as about the cases and effects of implementation: “SmartAdviser is a digital product for operational correction of technological regimes, built on the basis of basic automation (instrumentation + SCADA) and decision-support software- doing to optimize the ongoing process.”

The Digital Advisor system (SmartAdviser) monitors the necessary process parameters, generates recommendations for the operator to select control actions, and also provides the ability to monitor technological processes using screen forms and time charts.

The key focus of the development of a digital advisor is aimed at optimizing the entire technological chain of a mining, metallurgical or chemical company. Currently, it is possible to optimize the following stages: mixing, flotation, melting and conversion.

float case

During an express audit, one of the Clients identified the following bottlenecks:

• Operator errors when carrying out the flotation process.

•Low speed of decision making

• Operator overload with the amount of data tracked simultaneously

• Lack of ability to predict enrichment indicators by changing process parameters.

Based on this, an integrated approach is proposed for the implementation of a flotation optimization system. As a result, we got the following effects after implementation:

• Minimization of losses of valuable components due to stabilization of the process (reduction in the number of operator errors, forecast of the quality and quantity of the resulting concentrate).

•Improve the efficiency of the flotation process control by reducing the cost of resources or raw materials while predicting the production of the finished concentrate.

mix case

At another enterprise for the production of non-ferrous metals, there were periodic errors in planning, excessive spending on raw materials for the furnace and marriage resulted, which ultimately affected the integrated implementation of the production plan.

Together with the Client’s team, Ctrl2GO Solutions specialists found an effective way to optimize the production process and created a digital batch passport, which provides a forecast several days in advance about the optimal composition of various concentrates for loading into the oven.

As a result, after the OPE intermediate effects were obtained:

• Implementation of the monthly production plan

•Operation of the furnace in optimum mode (quality of the finished product, fuel consumption)

•Logistics optimization (increased warehouse turnover).

The product team and the implementation team learned how to quickly and efficiently assess the project in terms of the real economic effect for the Client (a complete feasibility study of the project) and implement the finished Smart Adviser product in the technological process cycle for any Customer.

“We are ready to implement projects effectively by following the basic stages: quick audit, pre-project study, instrumentation and automation update (if necessary), requirements training and data collection, adaptation of SmartAdviser functionality, implementation and commissioning. underway, pilot operation The digital advisor has already been introduced and shows the effect on the blending of non-ferrous metal concentrates, as well as on the enrichment of non-ferrous metal ores,” added Dmitry Motylev.

Ctrl2GO is one of the largest providers of data analysis solutions in Russia and specializes in the development and implementation of digital products in the industry. In 2020, Ctrl2GO entered the top three providers of data analytics solutions in Russia and the 100 largest IT companies in the country according to CNews ranking.

Ctrl2GO solutions can save up to 20-40% of customer resources by reducing the labor intensity of processes and reducing capital costs by 30%. At the same time, smart systems are about 1.5-2 times cheaper than their foreign counterparts.

Press release provided by the Ctrl2GO press service

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