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Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Dachshund breeding may be banned in Germany – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Date: July 23, 2024 Time: 01:47:59

The German Dog Breeders’ Association points out that the “anomalies of the skeletal system” specified in the bill as one of the criteria for cruel breeding can be interpreted, if desired, as any noticeable difference between a dog and the appearance of its ancestor, the wolf. “Whether a dog is too big, too small or in some way ‘different’, skeletal anomalies can always be used to prohibit breeding,” the association considers. Dog breeders fear that the most popular German breed, the dachshund, will be the first to be threatened, like all other short-legged and short-nosed dogs, which often experience health problems. But other breeds more similar to wolves are not immune. German Shepherds, for example, often suffer from hip dysplasia, which in principle can also be due to a bone abnormality. Additionally, large dogs are also included in another clause of the bill: reducing life expectancy. In nature, the fact that large representatives of a species live shorter lives is considered the norm, but here, again, it is a matter of interpretation. And there are also points about lack of hair, movement disorders, malformations of the skull and teeth, in general, for any breed of dog.

The Greens decided that dachshunds have no place in Germany

In Britain, where dachshunds are extremely popular, there are concerns that the trend for such bans will sooner or later cross the English Channel. “Fear of the spread of such an idea has already increased pressure among Britons,” The Standard writes, noting that eradicating dachshunds anywhere would be, in any case, “a colossal loss for canine elegance.”

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