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Friday, February 23, 2024
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“Dagger” won a duel in Ukraine with the vaunted American missile defense system: Strike on Patriot – Russian response to Zelensky

Date: February 23, 2024 Time: 23:29:44

The Russian Armed Forces destroyed an American Patriot air defense system in kyiv with a Kinzhal missile


The Russian “Dagger” destroyed the vaunted American air defense complex “Patriot” near kyiv. This was stated by the Ministry of Defense. They hit with high-mountain rockets “the deployment points of units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as storage places for ammunition, weapons and military equipment delivered from Western countries.”

As the spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov said, “the goal of the attack was achieved. All designated targets have been hit.” Including the American “Patriot”, which was supposed to guard the sky over kyiv.

But even the day before, the mayor of kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, bragged, standing on a large blank space: “Here, they shot down the” Dagger “.” Today, the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine went further – it boasted that, among other things, they shot down 6 daggers. They shot down the much-vaunted, just-delivered Patriot system from the west (although at least two of their missiles missed their targets, but fell right on the streets of Kiev, but it doesn’t matter. Ukraine prefers not to talk about this one).

How the “Patriots” “shot down” our “Daggers” is clearly seen in the video posted online by kyiv residents. In it, a new tactic of the Russian Aerospace Forces is seen: reconnaissance and detection, and then an irresistible blow. Here, both the world boxing champion and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine were able to make sure what the “Dagger” is and whether they can knock it down.

The pictures show: the air defense begins to work, the Patriot missiles take off one by one. A few minutes pass and a powerful explosion occurs at the place where the rockets took off.

The invincibility of the Patriot is greatly exaggerated, said Konstantin Sivkov, Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences Vice President for Information Policy, Konstantin Sivkov Doctor of Military Sciences, on Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda:

– Who said that the “Patriot” cannot be hit? Can. Anything. Another thing is that if you start shooting, use your missiles, you can shoot down an attack missile. But against the “Dagger” he is powerless. The theoretical probability of its defeat by the Patriot complex is 1-2%. These are US estimates, not ours. That is, to defeat this target, it is necessary to use from 50 to 100 or more missiles.

The author of the Fighterbomber telegram channel, a fighter pilot, notes: “I counted 32 launches. These are 8 Patriot launchers. Well, or two of 16. Dry, to the piece of iron, all shot. And in the end, they fly towards them. Perhaps all you need to know about the Patriot, he concludes.

As for Kiev’s talk that he shot down everything flying into the city, including six “Daggers”, all this is bravado and intimidation of the brains of its inhabitants, Sivkov notes:

– Explosions and destruction say it’s not. I saw video material where they supposedly show that they shot down. In these frames, there is nothing similar to the “Dagger”, neither in the shape of the warhead, nor in the nature of the damage. This is a very poorly staged fake on a clean video. The Patriot was unable to hit the Dagger.

The “Kinzhal” attack on the “Patriot” is Russia’s response to Zelensky’s European tour, says the captain of the first rank of the reserve, military expert Vasily Dandykin. By the way, after this hit, reports began to appear that the delivery of the F-16 fighters was still being postponed and it would not work out so quickly with the Abrams.

“It seems the Americans got thoughtful,” says Dandykin. – Your landsknechts in Europe – this NATO army – also see everything. And they don’t want to fall under the distribution of their Abrams, Leopards or Challengers. In addition, they had no shells left for the Abrams – they flew into the air at Ternopil and Khmelnitsky.

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