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Friday, March 24, 2023
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Danila Kozlovsky showed new photos of his daughter living in the US.

Date: March 24, 2023 Time: 08:27:01

Danila Kozlovsky.

Photo: Oleg ZOLOTO

Danila Kozlovsky flew to the United States – the actor went to New York to congratulate his daughter Oda-Valentina on her third birthday. Kozlovsky broke up with the girl’s mother, model Olga Zueva, almost immediately after the birth of the heiress. The artist’s daughter stayed in the United States with her mother and Danila visits her as much as she can.

On social media, the actor shared fresh images of his daughter. The actor showed how he walks with the baby through the streets of the city. In another photo, Oda-Valentina unpacks the presents.

On social media, the actor shared fresh images of his daughter. Photo: social networks.

On the trip, Kozlovsky is accompanied by his beloved, actress Oksana Akinshina. The star of the movie “Thank you for being alive” did not say that he flew abroad. But the photos that Oksana posted on her page speak for themselves. Akinshina was photographed in Manhattan as she strolled through Central Park.

Kozlovsky and Zueva met in 2015. For the sake of her lover, Olga moved to Russia from the USA, where she worked as a model. Everyone was sure that Danila would marry Olga. However, shortly after Oda-Valentina’s birth, Kozlovsky returned to Russia to shoot the film Chernobyl and broke up with Zueva. Subsequently, the actor publicly admitted his guilt in the breakup, saying that Olga did not deserve such an attitude. Danila said: she regrets that her daughter now does not bear her last name.

– Finished. I’m not ready to say why. I don’t want to analyze. This is our life, deeply ours, but it is much more correct to say that I acted completely unfairly on Olya, which she does not deserve. I would even say disgusting, but I will not say anything else, – the artist emphasized.

Danila congratulated his daughter on her third birthday. Photo: social networks.

Later it became known that Kozlovsky left his wife and daughter and fell in love with Akinshina, his partner in the film “Chernobyl”. Danila and Oksana hid their relationship for a long time and only recently began to appear together in public. For Kozlovsky’s sake, Akinshina ended her marriage to producer Archil Gelovani. Relations between the spouses went wrong much earlier, however, Gelovani and Akinshina raised their son Kostya and daughter Emma together. They say that after the divorce, Archil insisted that the children move with him to Georgia.

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