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Saturday, March 2, 2024
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Danila Kozlovsky, who did not receive money for the Karamora series, obtained almost 700 million rubles through the court and bought the rights to the project.

Date: March 2, 2024 Time: 04:03:49

Danila Kozlovsky on the set of the series “Kamora”. Photo: kino-teatr.ru

In 2020, the entire fall passed under the sign of the Karamora TV series. The project was presented with wild fanfare, because the same Danila Kozlovsky (!) Acted in it not only as a leading actor, but also as a showrunner, as they say abroad: both producer and director, and everything, everything, everything. .

In the stories on the set, everything was more than epic: Danila himself was running around the steamy place with a walkie-talkie in his hands, waving his arms, leading and commanding the group of cameras, extras and everything you can imagine during the set. filming. of the movie. The machinery was boiling. Philip Yankovsky, Andrey Smolyakov, Artur Vakha, Nikita Kukushkin and other stars worked to rupture the aorta. Wardrobe, interiors, photography… well, pure Hollywood! How Danya loves. Eight episodes of pure high. Especially at the budget level – almost a billion rubles (to be precise, 957.5 million rubles). However, later the project entered the phase of “typical Russian film business.”

Kozlovsky filmed the series (more precisely, the Entertainment company, which previously released the films “Coach” and “Chernobyl”) under an agreement with the TV-3 channel and the START platform. From him – the product, from them – financing and exhibition. At first, everything seemed to be going according to plan. Within the period specified in the contract in December 2021, the producer / director / actor received the first tranche – 97.5 million rubles. Unfortunately, he was the last. Because after that, the TV-3 channel, which seemed to have commissioned the series, refused to continue financing (or they saw an intermediate result, or they changed their plans). A solid debt of 860 million rubles hung in the air. The second payment was scheduled for March 2022, but the money didn’t even arrive then. Although the project was not only completely ready, but also launched on the START platform.

And, according to the plans of the partners, “Karamora” was heavily planned for export. However, after February 24, negotiations with Western partners slowed down significantly. The profits stopped smelling. And Danila Kozlovsky, who made the film practically with her own money, received no payments. Of course, the actor went to court.

The Moscow Arbitration Court studied the circumstances of the case for about six months and finally inclined the parties to an amicable agreement: START will pay Kozlovsky 682.5 million rubles – 300 million rubles in the near future (until 30 December), and the remaining 382.5 million rubles – during 2023 .

For the remaining 177.5 million rubles of the debt, Danila’s company bought the exclusive rights to Karamora and eventually paid the fees to the screenwriters.

In addition, the deal also affected Karamora’s streaming rights (which, in theory, should also turn a profit at least at some point): DK Entertainment will attach the project to overseas streaming platforms, but split the profits in half. with the START platform, as somehow reversed in the long-suffering pseudo-historical series.

The head of Kozlovsky’s company “DK Entertainment”, Valeria Tarasova, confirmed that the issue was closed and the parties were satisfied with the result.

“The dispute has been settled, the proceedings have ended,” he said.

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