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Monday, April 22, 2024
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Daria Moroz’s office romance: the actress’s new fiancé is richer than her ex-husband

Date: April 22, 2024 Time: 05:45:45

Draga and Frost did not hesitate to hug at the premiere of the series “Kept Women”. Photo: online cinema HOME.

Daria Moroz surprised the audience with the choice of a new boyfriend. It turned out to be an accordionist and composer Peter Dranga. The couple appeared together at the premiere of the new season of the series “Keeped Women”: they hugged, not embarrassed, emphasizing with their behavior – we are together. Many were surprised: Daria used to have office romances with directors, and here she is a musician. But we found out: this novel is also official.

On March 8, 39-year-old Daria Moroz will congratulate her beloved Peter, who will be 39 years old, on his birthday. We were told: The couple have been dating for six months. It all started with work and at work. So the novel is service in its purest form. Petr Dranga produced the musical “Frida” a year ago. Dranga is the originator of the idea for the production, and he himself wrote the music for the play and plays it. And the main role went with Marina Alexandra. They premiered last year at the Theater of Nations, where they rented a stage for a production. In the fall, Frida began to play the artist Daria Moroz. It was then that she began her love story. By the way, in December Moroz rode in the show “Ice Age” only to the music of Peter Dranga, who wrote for the play “Frida”. Naturally, this was the initiative of the project participant Daria. The environment of the actress immediately guessed: a compliment to the beloved from her.

Photo Daria Moroz with ex-husband and father of her daughter Konstantin Bogomolov.


Frost’s fiancé is not rich, but he is well off. He has two apartments in Moscow and a lot of work. Peter has a musical family, his father Yuri Dranga is a popular artist, Professor Gnesinki. Peter became a virtuoso accordionist, he earned money from concerts. Now he has his own team, Dranga gives concerts with his own small symphony orchestra, writes music, produces musicians, performs. Petr Dranga was not married, he had no children. Moroz has a 12-year-old daughter, Anna, whom he is raising with her ex-husband, the girl’s father, artistic director of the Bronnaya Theater Konstantin Bogomolov.

Petr Drang has always had many fans since his studies in Gnesinka. The man is attractive, similar to his father, a Greek by nationality. Peter joked: “We accordionists are enviable suitors: our instrument is heavy, which is why the veins in our hands are wide, the blood flow is strong, which means our hands are always warm. Therefore, if a girl finds herself alone with an accordionist at night, she will not regret it… ”So Daria is in good hands. Dranga is a romantic man: “I can’t be with a person just because I feel good with him. I can’t live without love. I’ve fallen in love about six times in my life… that’s not much.” Now apparently the seventh. Dranga and Frost don’t live together yet, but they often meet and spend time together.


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