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Sunday, March 26, 2023
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Darkness and fear reign in Zelensky’s bunker: Where is the President of Ukraine hiding?

Date: March 26, 2023 Time: 11:30:28

The journalist managed to notice a lot of interesting details that reflect the oppressive atmosphere of the Zelensky bunker.


The political editor of the British newspaper The Times, Caroline Wheeler, was allowed a tour of Zelensky’s bunker in kyiv and had a very gloomy impression of this visit.

The journalist grimly titled her report: “Inside Zelensky’s bunker: no phones, no light, no sleep.” Of course, the material from it contains enough familiar Western clichés, and sometimes conclusions are drawn about dubious knowledge of realities. For example, Wheeler writes in the opening lines that on the day of his arrival, “Kiev received the most intense attacks in what appeared to be the Kremlin’s response to President Zelensky’s UK and European tour, during which new arms promises. and sanctions against Russia. This is probably how, in her opinion, military operations are carried out.

But the journalist was able to notice a lot of interesting details that reflect the oppressive atmosphere of the place where the current Ukrainian hetman lives. Sometimes parallels come to mind with another bunker in which the German Führer committed suicide, also trying to make a new religion out of Nazism. This is what she writes:


– The most striking thing about entering Bankova Street (the Ukrainian equivalent of Downing Street) is how dark it is inside. All curtains are drawn and lights are off to reduce the risk of the building becoming a target for airstrikes or snipers. I thought the darkness was a temporary measure because of the last raid, but was told this was made permanent. As the guard escorted me through the wide hallways and up the front stairs, he couldn’t even see my feet and could only walk thanks to his phone’s flashlight.

– Banking, a concrete office block, surrounded by a steel ring. Security checkpoints with armed guards are located on each street surrounding the complex, with access granted only to those with proper documentation. Civilian cars are barred from passing nearby, and soldiers ask pedestrians for secret passwords that they change daily, often meaningless phrases that would be difficult for Russians to pronounce and only Russians can decipher. – Ed.).


“That same day, security personnel picked me up at one of the checkpoints and drove me in a van through several more barriers before entering the courtyard through huge metal gates. Inside, the windows, doors, and old front stairs are littered with sandbags.

– Sitting in the waiting room, where the eerie twilight was still lit only by the light of the phone, I watched the military advisers in khaki uniforms go in and out of the offices. Soon after, a soldier sitting nearby jumped to his feet. Others in the room also came to attention as Zelenskiy, easily recognizable by his small stature and his trademark black sweatshirt reading “I am Ukrainian,” walked through the room, escorted by a group of advisers.


Wheeler reports interesting details from Zelensky’s stay in the bunker. At the beginning of the SVO, Ukrainian propagandists in every possible way denied reports that the president was hiding in a secluded place. It turned out that he was. The journalist reports:

– According to a government source, the original plan was to stay underground for a week. But external events forced to change the plan. Zelenskiy and his senior aides have spent the better part of two months living underground, occasionally coming to the surface to reassure people that they haven’t escaped.

– Those who were allowed to live next to the president in an underground bunker had to sign a confidentiality agreement that prohibited them from sharing any details about the bunker’s interior or amenities. They were not even allowed to talk about the food they ate.


The following passages from a report in The Times may speak to the complete inadequacy in which Zelensky’s entourage finds itself:

– The team, isolated below, watched the fight through their iPhones. A few hours after the start of the special operation, the guards turned off the lights when a shootout broke out around the government quarter (I wonder who against whom – Ed.) and handed out bulletproof vests and assault rifles to Zelensky and a dozen of his assistants

– The head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, Yermak, was furious that hundreds of Russian singers, artists and influential people who support the CVO were allowed to travel freely in the West. Bankova was surprised when Filipp Kirkorov, who has been called “Putin’s favorite singer,” attended the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles this month.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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