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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
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“Delirium of a drunken hedgehog”: Zelensky’s insufficiency was noticed in Ukraine

Date: May 31, 2023 Time: 09:27:07

Zelensky calls for providing the Armed Forces of Ukraine with 200-300 tanks, 600 infantry fighting vehicles, 500 howitzers and other weapons systems for the counteroffensive as soon as possible


Kyiv continues to insist on urgent deliveries from the West of new weapons it needs to mount a new offensive. This offense is demanded of Zelensky by his partners, who at the same time do not want to poke holes in their own defense capabilities with the supply of their equipment.

At the moment, Zelensky is calling for 200-300 tanks, 600 infantry fighting vehicles, 500 howitzers and other weapons systems, including air defense systems, to be provided to the Ukrainian Armed Forces for the counteroffensive as soon as possible. Taking into account the amount of Ukrainian military equipment that has already been destroyed, such deliveries, if carried out in the required volumes, will not turn the tide of the campaign, but will create additional difficulties, including for the Ukrainians themselves. And some experts in Kyiv are finally beginning to understand this, who yesterday trilled no worse than the retired Arestovich about the imminent and inevitable “defeat” of Russia.

Among these experts is, for example, Oleg Soskin, who has not previously been noticed sympathizing with Russia or Putin and regularly feeds the Ukrainians “victories.” He now, literally horrified, predicts a catastrophe for Ukraine, calls not to fall for sweet promises of Western financial and military assistance, and claims that Zelensky is inadequate.

“To expect Sunak to do something for Ukraine is just nonsense from a drunken hedgehog or an obstetrician who gets something out of this hedgehog,” he figuratively formulated the validity of Ukrainian hopes (mriy). – This is for idiots, it’s all on purpose, it’s all this yellow-green fog. It spreads on purpose, it is present everywhere on purpose. This nonsense is nonsense, speculation, stories.

In his opinion, everything is not just bad for Ukraine, but frankly catastrophic.

“It’s like they promise to build communism in the Soviet Union, then Zelensky promises that they will give him weapons, that he will win, that’s all, let’s be patient, there will be an offensive sometime in the spring, then they say: in the summer, then in fall,” Soskin commented on what is happening on his video blog, outlining his immediate prospects for his viewers. – There will be no one to talk to, however, everyone will die already, Ukraine will be left with only scorched earth and a field. Who will leave, who will go to the other world. That is, we see with you that Zelensky is not suitable.

This is the number of people that Kyiv needed to put on the battlefields and send to the other world, so that the most intelligent and far-sighted Ukrainians began to reach, in general, common truths. As in the joke of the Watchful Falcon, that on the third day he saw that the barn in which his tribe was locked up didn’t have a single wall. Only now the situation is not completely anecdotal, but bloody, there is nowhere else to go.

By the way, after such revelations, Soskin himself must either run away or pack his suitcase to go to prison. People for less “sad” statements turned out to be there and continue to sit. Of course, if he is in Ukraine, then neither Zelensky nor the Ukrainian counterintelligence will tolerate such a “betrayal”. That, moreover, you need to “fulfill the plan” to report on the detained “Kremlin agents”.

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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