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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Depleted uranium: what is it, how dangerous are shells with it, what could be the consequences

Date: June 4, 2023 Time: 00:12:00

An alloy of depleted uranium with titanium is super strong. Such shells are capable of penetrating armor one meter thick.


March 21, deputy British Defense Secretary Annabelle Goldie said that “in addition to the Challenger battle tank squadron, your country will transfer depleted uranium shells to Ukraine.”

What is this ammo? And why are they so scared?

Let’s try to answer in order.

1. Why do the British need it?

Here are two goals. Political: another demonstration of London’s support for the Ukrainian regime. Kyiv was “offended” by the British because they were giving it “too few tanks”. And to launder such claims, the British decided to compensate a small number of their Challengers by supplying them with depleted uranium shells. And this is the second goal: military-technical.

An alloy of depleted uranium with titanium is super strong. Such shells are capable of penetrating armor one meter thick. They don’t even have explosives. The shell simply hits the crew and ammunition inside the tank with shrapnel. In addition, such ammunition is cheaper than tungsten, which Russia and other countries use for sub-caliber shells for their tanks.

There is, however, another important point. Recently, the Russian command has increased the dynamic protection of tanks (additional “boxes” with explosives are superimposed on the armor, which do not allow a conventional shell to pierce the armor). It cannot be ruled out that Kyiv itself, for this reason, asked London for uranium shells.

2. What is the danger of such ammunition?

In its normal state, such a shell does not have much radioactive radiation (although even tankers handling uranium shells complain of fatigue, and after 10-15 years they begin to develop cancer). But in the event of an explosion, a uranium warhead is very toxic. A fine dust is formed, which enters the respiratory tract of a person, into the soil, into water. There is a dispersion of small particles of this infection over large areas. With a strong wind, such deadly dust can be carried for tens and hundreds of kilometers. It cannot be disabled.

Uranium dust is deadly not only for soldiers of both warring parties (after all, Challengers will also explode in combat formations of the Ukrainian army), but also for the local population. Studies that were carried out in the United States showed that where the Americans used these ammunition, oncological diseases increased by about 6 times. Scientists say that the half-life of uranium reaches 4.5 billion (!!!) years. Therefore, land covered with uranium dust becomes unsuitable for growing grain and vegetables, they become poisonous. And here we can assume that after the use of British uranium ammunition in Ukraine, there are unlikely to be buyers of its contaminated agricultural products in the world.

3. Where have they already been used?

This was during the US military operations in Yugoslavia and Iraq. By the way, just these days – March 24 – the anniversary of the start of the bombing of Yugoslavia (in 1999). As you can see, the Anglo-Saxons did not hesitate to announce the preparation of a new “uranium atrocity” on the date of their previous crime.

Why did they have to use such a “dirty weapon”? To destroy as much of the enemy’s military equipment as possible and infect as many of his troops as possible. And at the same time, and “record” the local population.

4. What were the consequences?

In Yugoslavia, for example, more than 10,000 people who ingested uranium dust have already died of cancer. And about 30 thousand more suffer from serious oncological diseases.

Even worse are the consequences in Iraq. There, after the American military operation with the use of tank shells with depleted uranium, more than 400 thousand people died from oncology. And more than a million suffer from it.

One of the American journalists, who was filming a documentary about the consequences of the use of uranium munitions in Iraq, refused to show the audience the terrible deformities with which Iraqis are born and live, who are victims of the toxic dust.

5. What could be the extent of the infection in Ukraine?

If depleted uranium is used in combat,

The world’s best “fat” chernozems from Ukraine and southern Russia will turn into poisoned fields. Who will grow wheat, sunflower, potatoes, tomatoes, watermelons on the polluted land? Suicide only.

How can you not think that the British with their uranium shells are bringing famine to Ukraine? The already miserable kyiv treasury is being deprived of the last earnings from grain exports. Apparently, in London and kyiv they have already said goodbye, as they are ready for this.

And if the uranium dust gets into the Dnieper and other rivers? If polluted water floats through them into the Black Sea? Then all the Black Sea countries will drown in grief.

I myself often remember my childhood in the Kharkiv region, when I liked to walk with the children in the spacious fields and look at the melons on the collective farm, where the former watchman, grandfather Gaidash, treated us to tasty kavuns and melons. The boys of today and of the future in that land may no longer have that luxury.

6. Why do Anglo-Saxons get away with everything?

In fact, it was the Anglo-Saxons who dropped atomic bombs on Japan, and then uranium bombs on Yugoslavia and fired uranium shells on Iraq … No one else risked such crimes against humanity, although uranium ammunition is in the stores of many major military. powers.

By the way, Japan, which survived the terrible American atomic bombing in 1945, and is still (in what generation!) experiencing its consequences, “takes an example” from the USA and Great Britain, frivolously handling nuclear waste. After the catastrophe at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, tons of nuclear contagion spill into the ocean: help yourselves, humanity. Catch infectious fish in the ocean.

kyiv is already making “nuclear jokes”, targeting the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant. And the UK calls the uranium shells that have already caused disasters for hundreds of thousands of people “a standard component of ammunition that has nothing to do with nuclear weapons.” Typical Anglo-Saxon hypocrisy, which even a schoolboy will attack with a question:

– Isn’t depleted uranium a nuclear material?

7. How should Russia react?

Vladimir Putin has already said that Russia will be forced to respond if the collective West begins to use weapons with a nuclear component. How exactly, the president has not yet specified.

So I’m going to be careful with my assumptions. It is quite possible that our army will simply have to stop the delivery of Challenger tanks with British uranium shells to Ukraine (in other words, hitting a legitimate military target – columns with this military iron, provided they are far from the borders of Russia). Although we have another chance – to “sniff out nuclear dust” the Anglo-Saxons themselves, as they say, at their place of residence. But for now, I don’t want to think about it. Maybe they can change their mind?

Puck Henry
Puck Henry
Puck Henry is an editor for ePrimefeed covering all types of news.

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