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Monday, July 15, 2024
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Deputies want to fine for “dangerous driving”: you will have to pay 3 to 5 thousand

Date: July 15, 2024 Time: 05:31:54

The officers do it again with “dangerous driving.”

“Road attackers have been destroying the roads for a long time and with impunity. “Ladies”, sudden lane changes, sudden braking for no reason, other “pedagogical” techniques… Enough is enough,” wrote LDPR deputy Yaroslav Nilov on his Telegram channel. – There is real responsibility for dangerous driving. “The bill has been prepared, has the official support of the government and will be submitted to the State Duma.”

The bill provides for a fine for dangerous driving: from 3,000 to 5,000 rubles. For repeated violation: deprivation of rights for a period of one to three months.

In case you don’t know, the term “dangerous driving” was included in the Road Safety Regulations back in 2016. This is, for example, if you:

– when changing lanes, you do not allow cars to pass with an advantage (“you cut yourself off”),

– change lanes during heavy traffic, when all lanes are occupied, except when you need to turn left or right, make a U-turn, stop, avoid an obstacle,

– does not maintain a safe distance, lateral interval, brakes sharply (if this is not necessary to prevent an accident), interferes with overtaking – if these actions create a threat of death or injury to people, damage to vehicles, structures, cargo or other material damage.

All this is included in the traffic rules. But punishment for the “sins” listed on the roads was never introduced. A bill on fines for dangerous driving was already proposed in 2018. But it was not accepted.

Because? The cause, it seems, is noble.

Honestly, I hate ladies on the roads. But even taking this into account, the description of “dangerous driving” raises a lot of questions for me. For example, sudden braking: how hard is it? How can you tell if a person changes lanes just like that or long before turning? What if I simply made a mistake: I was driving without a navigator in an unfamiliar area, I thought I was going left, but it turned out that “left” means crossing an overpass on the right?

And most importantly: who and how will control all this, given the intensity of current traffic? When the 2018 bill was proposed, it was assumed that evidence could be recordings from cameras that should be equipped, including all patrol cars. But how many cameras do you need? At whose expense will the banquet be?

– This proposal has no prospects. In any case, without bad consequences. Nobody has any idea how to manage it, because it is simply impossible,” Anton Shaparin, vice president of the National Automobile Union, told KP. – There are two options. The first is the maximum regulation of what we consider dangerous driving. That is, how many centimeters of lateral interval is this, how many centimeters are in front of the car in front, how many maneuvers per minute you can make and to what degree you can turn so that it is not a sharp turn. The details are not written anywhere. Because writing everything like this is a huge and practically impossible job. The second option is to leave the details to the discretion of the police. Let them decide if the lane change was dangerous or not. But you yourself understand the prospects for corruption that this opens up.

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Puck Henry
Puck Henry
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