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Wednesday, February 28, 2024
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Despite combat missions: the expert explained why the Russian Navy saved the German yacht in Greek waters

Date: February 28, 2024 Time: 18:30:20

Frigate “Fleet Admiral of the Soviet Union Gorshkov”


The actions of the crews of the frigate “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” and the ship “Pyzhma”, which carried out a rescue operation in the Mediterranean Sea, discussed on the radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with an expert military, historian of the fleet. Dmitry Zhavoronkov.

Recall that earlier the Russian Defense Ministry stated that the crews of the frigate “Fleet Admiral of the Soviet Union Gorshkov” of the Northern Fleet, performing tasks as part of the permanent formation of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean Sea, and The Pizhma cargo ship escorted by him, rescued 68 passengers from the foreign ship Avalon, in distress in Greek territorial waters under a foreign flag. The yacht’s passengers were evacuated to Russian ships, where they received medical attention and then transferred to the Greek Coast Guard.

– When a ship receives an SOS signal from another ship, we are talking about a frigate and a bulk carrier, do they have their own routes, can you change the route and rush to help?

– Even in the years of the most terrible military conflicts of a world nature, always rescuing those who are in danger at sea is the sacred duty of every sailor who can come to the rescue. This is not a history of international maritime law, but a sacred history of the unwritten maritime charter of any country. This is not disputed. When a ship is in distress, even if the countries are not on the best of terms, then the question of whether or not to go to the rescue at sea cannot be.

– What about the fact that these are Greek waters?

– They rescued the passengers and sent them by barge to the nearest shore. Then they continued their course. A military frigate needs a serious deep-water dock. From the Pizhma, the passengers were transferred to ships of the Greek Coast Guard.

– What is the attitude towards Russian warships in international waters?

– If you remember world history, in Italy, in Sicily, there are monuments to Russian sailors, when there was an earthquake in the northern part of Sicily, there is a city of Messina, in 1908 there was an earthquake. At that time, our detachment was in the Mediterranean: battleships, cruisers: “Tsesarevich”, “Glory”, “Bogatyr”, “Admiral Makarov”. It was a learning story. Hearing a powerful rumble, our sailors decided to land and start helping. The city destroyed by the earthquake, thousands of people were saved by Russian sailors. They cleared rubble, organized medical assistance, rescued children for several days. Hundreds of thousands of people died there.

– Today only historians remember him?

– In honor of our sailors in Messina, streets were named, a monument was erected to them, they were called angels. This is part of the glorious Russian maritime history. Proper Europeans remember this. Today, Russian sailors have shown that they respect maritime law. They worked well and accurately.

It should be noted that Russian sailors this year have already rescued at least 69 foreigners and one dog.

In February, the Defense Ministry reported that the Northern Fleet’s medium tanker Kama delivered Luca Montey, a voyager from France, to the South African port of Cape Town. He suffered a disaster in the Atlantic Ocean and was already drowning on his dog when Russian sailors arrived in time to help him.

They provided the French traveler with first aid and a warm welcome en route to South Africa who began refusing to go ashore, even asking to be accepted into the team with his dog.

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