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Monday, February 26, 2024
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Diana Gurtskaya and Peter Kucherenko: a love story

Date: February 26, 2024 Time: 21:27:53

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On May 21, the Secretary of State, Deputy Minister of Science of the Russian Federation, lawyer Pyotr Kucherenko died suddenly during a flight from Cuba to Moscow. For almost 20 years he has been married to the popular blind singer Diana Gurtskaya. “KP” remembers how they met and how warmly the wife always spoke of an understanding husband.

Gurtskaya and Kucherenko got married on September 21, 2005. Then Peter was 28 years old, and Diana was 27. It seems that the singer’s success came true with the refrain “You know, mom, he’s like that … he’s not like everyone the others, it is not like that, different”. In fact, Kucherenko had nothing to do with show business, within which Diana revolved: the man quickly made a serious career in the field of law: a gold medalist, played basketball and chess, and in 2001 graduated from the University of the Friendship of the Peoples. from Russia, then worked as an assistant to deputies of the State Duma and members of the Federation Council. Peter was serious and calm, a typical man from the north (born in Taimyr). Very soon he became a professor at the Department of Constitutional Law of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, he received his doctorate in law and practiced as a lawyer.

They met in 2002. There are many versions of how exactly this happened: either he ended up in a joint company with Irina Khakamada (allegedly, the former politician asked Kucherenko to come up with a project with the participation of Gurtskaya), or they met at a party. . (she was allegedly with a guy and he was with a girl), or they were initially connected by business relationships (he was allegedly advising as a lawyer). In fact, all three hypotheses are true. Kucherenko told how Khakamada asked him to come up with “something to save democracy” with the participation of Gurtskaya, and then they met at Diana’s birthday party, where the singer was sitting at a luxurious Georgian table with a young man and Peter, respectively. . with her partner.

“I was struck by his inner purity, his unostentatious sincerity, something completely unusual for people in public professions,” Kucherenko admired. — His mind and his erudition became a revelation to me.

Now it is not so important how exactly Peter and Diana met, because in each interview Diana spoke about her husband with incredible warmth and endlessly thanked him for everything. And this despite the fact that the artist did not immediately accept Kucherenko’s proposal – Gurtskaya could not believe that she was serious. Marrying a congenitally blind girl was a hyper-responsible and serious step. But Peter proved his feelings with deeds: he was persistent, often called Diana, and then, without a hint of irony, invited the singer to the cinema and literally turned into a prompter during the session.


“When we started dating my now-husband, I was a bit shy,” Diana admitted. Still, I’m a girl. What if she doesn’t notice? I remember my brother Robert started up: “Let’s go [с ним] to the movies!”. He went. At the movies, firstly, he was reluctant to sit for so long. He was terribly shy! Secondly, Peter invited us to coffee. He sat down. He insisted: “Come on, eat, Please! The cake is delicious.” He was so embarrassed. I say I don’t want to. He replied: “Dian, what are you ashamed of? Petya does not know what you do not see? What’s in here?

TASS photo / Mikhail Fomichev

After persistent courtship, Gurtskaya gave up. Peter made an official proposal on a symbolic day – February 14. Feeling a diamond ring on her finger, Diana agreed. On the morning of September 21, 2005, the groom, who arrived with an escort consisting of a limousine and a Hummer, led the bride out of the house and to the Griboedovsky registry office. The singer wore a snow-white wedding dress by Valentin Yudashkin with a long train, studded with beads and Swarovski stones with an estimated cost of 30 thousand dollars (2.4 million rubles). The groom wore an elegant dark blue suit. After painting, the newlyweds went to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, and then to the Forum Hall on Paveletskaya for a banquet. Diana and Peter arrived at the celebration site spectacularly: in a carriage drawn by white horses.

It would seem that she is from the south, he is from the north, two different elements and two diametrically opposed temperaments. However, the engine of their relationship was built on a stick of gear: Diana, by virtue of her character and experience, was firm and uncompromising, while Peter was impulsive and explosive. They complemented each other organically, like yin and yang.

“I am naturally choleric, I get excited quickly, so you can rage and fight over anything,” Kucherenko recalled. — But I am smart and always the first to go to endure. Diana, of course, is a very difficult person in this regard, she will pout to the last, she will sigh picturesquely. It’s even fun.

Kucherenko constantly accompanied his wife at social events, helped her and willingly arranged press outreaches and the singer’s comments for the media. Their union seemed perfect: they both wanted children, but Diana could not get pregnant for two years. And when the happy news came (she heard about the “two stripes” from her husband), Gurtskaya was worried that her congenital blindness would be transmitted to the baby. But the tests and the doctors reassured the couple: everything will be fine. The Honored Artist of Russia certificate was presented by President Vladimir Putin to Gurtskaya in the Kremlin when the singer was pregnant. We ate cakes from the buffet.

Photo: Evgenia GUSEVA

The son Cyril was born to Diana and Peter on June 29, 2007 (the boy has been wearing glasses since childhood). The career of the newly formed parents did not “froze”: in 2008, Gurtskaya represented Georgia at Eurovision and continued to record songs, and Kucherenko began teaching at the Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, after which he was promoted , heading the staff of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation, legal and judicial issues, the development of civil society. From there, there was a transfer to the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, where in 2020 Kucherenko was appointed Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education. Together they established the “Al Llamado del Corazón” Assistance Fund for Blind Children.

Diana admitted that the plans include a daughter. But dreams were not destined to come true: Pyotr Kucherenko’s heart stopped on the plane on which the Russian delegation of the Ministry of Education was returning from a business trip to Cuba. The board landed on Mineralnye Vody, but the doctors did not have time to save the life of the official. He was 46 years old.

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